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Spencer Taylor Jr

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Are You Still Doing Typical Marketing?

There are many in the online space who continue to use those typical marketing skills one would expect from a brand new marketer. Years ago the typical marketer would promote their affiliate links and the sales page of those who created the product along with 1,000`s of others. 

Many wondered why they weren`t getting the sales like others who were using a different approach and also had built their own list. Have you ever tried reading those sales pages from top to bottom? If you got tired of trying to read all that information how did you think your potential customer felt? 

If you are marketing, promoting and advertising your business using your replicated website along with 100,000`s how do you expect to distinguish yourself from the other company reps? This is a contributing factor to the ridiculously high failure rate in the industry! 

Months ago I decided to do something for those members here with no obligation! I decided to give access to my sales incentive strategy for 5 days allowing them to give away as many complimentary trips, hotel gift cards and dining incentives to their loyal and potential clients. 

I offered a second time with 3 days of full access to do the same as the first offer and even stated I will give them away on their behalf. You want to know how many here took me up on that offer? ZERO!!! I honestly felt annoyed but on the other hand it told me everything I needed to know. 

Many continue to state be consistent & persistent just keep in mind none of that matters if one is using the wrong, bad or outdated strategies and that is an undisputed fact! Build your own website & landing pages and stop using replicated sites you have no control of the content. 

Those who continue to pursue success instead of pursuing to be of value will struggle! That was stated by a very successful 7 figure month income earner! Be self inspired & self motivated you must first believe in yourself before you believe in anything else! (My Opinion)

Spencer Taylor Jr.

USMC Veteran/Entrepreneur

Press Release comments:

I believe your message is to stay resilient....stay current,which is a good one. One to which we need to pay attention. As some move forward and some stay behind, the movers are listening and learning, the stuck-in-the-muds get bogged down in a routine,but good thoughts, thank you!Francis Cassady

Great infoormation thanks for sharingMichael Mikovich

Spencer thanks for your very informative blog post my dear, and yes some times it makes you wonder if people are acknowledging what you have to offer but like as you said from the experts, just keep being consistent and persistent. Wishing you great success. Sharon Naraine

Standing out from the crowd will do a whole lot more for any business than just looking like everybody else. And demonstrating real value will build a reputation that lots of bells and whistles will never accomplish. IBO members are supposed to be business owners, and as such they should always seek to learn and do what will make their business more profitable. If they won't do that, they shouldn't expect their business to stay in business. Thanks for your making yourself available to help others know how to have great success.John Kespert

Back top for an article of terrific importance Spencer!Tom Riach

Very true, you have to believe in yourself to begin with.Tommy Olsson

Great PR Spencer. You know that old cliche... Only 5% of this world is innovation and the other 95% is duplication... This is how the rich get richer, because those NOT willing to accept change are responsible for creating that wealth for them. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Barry Davis

Many claim to be entrepreneurs when they don't even know the definition. Some will say they own a business or a home business, but they never enter it or even open for business. Just saying the words will not bring one success. There must be action, consistency 7 days a week ... Not seven hours a week. Straight and to the point, as always!Micky Gramlin

This is very important " Those who continue to pursue success instead of pursuing to be of value will struggle!" That's basically the mantra of the successful IMer. But good advice and good thoughts here, thank you very much.Francis Cassady

Most people could double or triple their income by just applying what they already know yet so many constantly chase new ideas believing the next idea is the one which will make everything easier and better and insisting on applying strategies they have evidence that they no longer work(if they ever did). This has folks overlooking opportunities that are right in front of them! You can show them the door and even open it for them, though they have to be the ones that walk through. Thank YOU Spencer!Todd Treharne

A real eye-opener indeed Spencer but proof of two old adages - Those most in need of assistance are the least likely to seek it .. and .. Most people pass opportunity by without realising it is there.Tom Riach

Annoying indeed Marine...many are following the recipe to insanity to the letter "doing the same things over Gene Hughes (MD)

Hey, Spencer. Thank you for your service and thank you for the PR. Your "Opinion" is a right on target. Brenetta Jackson