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Seven Myths About Starting An Online Business

Suddenly you see everybody saying that you should start your online business if you want to live to good life you’ve always dreamed of.

They tell you “It’s easy!” and “Everone can do it.”

But is that the truth?

And what does it take for a newbie to go from zero to hero as an entrepreneur?

But wait a second.

It’s time to bust some common myths first before answering these questions.


The 7 Myths About Starting An Online Business


You have to do it all by yourself – Most of the people will try that first, but soon come to realize, that they need to start outsourcing to save their valuable time for income-producing tasks.

You don’t have to know everything and to do it all by yourself.

If you don’t know how to build a website – a website building company can handle the job.

Are you no good at writing? – outsource your blogging or the copywriting for your website!


An online entrepreneur is traveling non-stop – Well, this depends on your personal preferences and likes.

I personally love to travel, but as my kids are still quite young and need to go to school on a regular basis, we can’t be traveling all the time.

If you just started your business you most probably will like to give your business a solid start, before leaving home to explore the world.

You are free to choose what you like and for sure there are online business owners who are constantly on the move.


It’s good enough to start only to see if it works, you can commit to it fully later – Some people are out there looking for opportunities to start their online business or just to make a quick buck.

After investigating for a while they might start with one or several opportunities just being interested checking out if this possibly could be working out for them.

Big mistake!

If you start your journey as an entrepreneur, you have to be fully committed in order to have a chance to be in fact successful.


You can work whenever you want – To start an online business all you need it a computer, internet connection and time.

At the beginning of your journey as an online entrepreneur, you’ll need lots of time to get your business up and running.

I know that many new entrepreneurs are stealing time from wherever they can even if this means, that they will sleep fewer hours at night (which I really don’t recommend doing for your own and the sanity of the people around you).


It’s easier to be successful with an online business than with a brick and mortar business – It might be that you have to invest less money to start your online business, but you still need to be knowledgeable in your niche, be constantly well informed and you will have to work.

Expect it to be like running a marathon, not just a short sprint.

You will need to become an expert in your niche to be able to break through the constant noise from the big bunch of people wanting to achieve success online.


Social media promotion is cheap and easy – In order to market on social media, you have to go through trial and optimization.

To get targeted traffic you will be paying more money than just for any regular traffic and it’s not easy to get it right on the first try.

In fact, many entrepreneurs struggle a lot with getting enough eyeballs in front of their offers.

And in the end, that is where many businesses fail.


You can automate everything – Surely these days there is programs and software to automate a lot, you could even hire staff members but everything can’t be running by itself.

As the head of your business and entrepreneur, you still will have to make important decisions, be in meetings and just take care of stuff no software or employee can.



Understanding What You Need To Be Successful Online


Next time you hear or read a comment about starting an online business you’ll be able to analyze it more carefully.

If you would like to start your own online business, then you have to be mindful of what to believe about it.

It’s never nice to believe something and then be awoken hard and abruptly to the reality.

I am to this day still convinced if one truly wants to change his life by becoming an entrepreneur, wanting to help himself, his family and ultimately all the people he will come in touch with, that one CAN, in fact, move mountains and become more successful than he ever thought possible before.


But what is the fastest and best way to get there?

Many aspiring entrepreneurs started out collecting free information from places like YouTube, blogs and so on – and yes, some of them created an amazing business like this.

Let me warn you though.

If something is free, then it’s actually very expensive.

You will not pay a dime, but you will be spending a lot of your valuable time collecting information and even worse maybe find out, that it was wrong information altogether.

 I don’t think it is easy to get it right from the get-go.

If it was, wouldn’t everyone be successful? ;-)

But, is it simple to build a powerful online business?

It is not that complicated as it might seem if you have a simple step-by-step system that will give you directions even when you feel that you are going nowhere (and this will happen, I’ve been there).

So yes, I believe it is simple if you back the right horse form the beginning.

I sincerely wish, ‘The Challenge‘ would have existed already when I’ve started out as a complete newbie back in 2016.

Thousands of testimonials can’t be wrong and seeing the results I am getting from it, I would suggest you check it out too.






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