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The Truth!! “Make Money On YouTube Without Making Videos!” Does It Really Work?

The Truth!! “Make Money On YouTube Without Making Videos!” Does It Really Work?

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Can you make money on YouTube without making videos? In this video I am going to share my opinion on this popular YouTube money making method that is being taught. If you are someone who is interested in making money from YouTube then you should know that there are several ways to accomplish this. You just need to learn how to do them and pick the method or methods that work best for you.

Spoiler Alert:

The popular method that people are using to make money on youTube without making videos themselves is one that involves finding “creative commons” videos on YouTube or any other video platform that has creative commons type videos. Creative Commons video are videos that you can download and reupload on your channel. The idea is to upload videos that gt a lot of views and viewer engagement. This will lead to you getting approved for video monetization and being able to earn money from ads being shown on your videos.

So can this method work?

Yes, this method can work and make you some pretty nice money. But you still will have to learn the video marketing side of things. You will still need to learn how to title your videos, how to write video descriptions and how to tag your videos properly. For this strategy to work you will need to get a lot of video views on a regular basis. You can use all the “creative commons” videos you want but if you don't get any views you will not make any money.

In my opinion this method is great for those who do not want to be on camera and or would like to cut their video edit time down. I say cut edit time down because, yes you can download videos and then reupload them to your account but several people who are teaching this method think that it is wise to make some sort of change to the videos before you upload them to your channel. Maybe add something at the beginning or the end of the video. Maybe put several clips together to make 1 longer video. This online money making strategy can work but make no mistake, it will take some work. There are several people teaching this method now so maybe they show stuff in their course that makes things alittle easier.

So yes, you can make money on YouTube without making videos!

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