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The Truth About "Make Money Even" MME Review!!

The Truth About "Make Money Even" MME Review!!


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In this video I am going to share my thoughts on a new online money making program that goes by the name “Make Money Even” MME. This program was introduced to me from someone on my Facebook page and it peaked my interest a little bit. Since it only required a one time $10 fee to get started I figured I'd check it out.

Here is my Make Money Even review! What is Make Money Even? It is a program designed to give people the proper training and tools needed to start making money online. It is marketed to be a program for newbies as well as for those who have some experience with making money online.

Positives: Make Money Even has a very low cost to get started with. It only cost you $10 to become a basic member. Being a basic member will give you the opportunity to start earning $5 commissions instantly by promoting MME. The MME back office is very simple and easy to navigate. You will also find some nice marketing materials that will help you promote the MME business. As a basic member you will also be introduced to other money making opportunities that you may find valuable.

Negatives: Yes, you do get some training with your basic membership but very little. You are offered a VIP upgrade plan but it will cost you $200. This may surprise some people. It seems like you will only get the really good training if you upgrade. The program may be beneficial to complete new comers to the “make money online” world but if you have any sort of experience you may not find the program useful at all other than to promote it to those new to the game.

Overall Take: I would recommend Make Money Even to those who are completely new to learning how to make money online or to anyone looking for something easy to promote to a list. Yes, there are a couple nice things you get as a basic member but I think you will only get the good stuff after upgrading your account. I hope you enjoyed my Make Money Even (MME) review.

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