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New Abundance Network Review!! Is Abundance Network Worth Doing?...

New Abundance Network Review!! Is Abundance Network Worth Doing?


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In this video I am going to share my thoughts on a fairly new money making opportunity known as Abundance Network. This new home business opportunity is getting a lot of attention as of late and I wanted to shed some light on a few things that people who are would want to know about. Yes, I am a member of Abundance Network so I am able to give real information about it. I just got involved with the company but am going to give you my honest opinion of it so far.

What is Abundance Network?

Abundance Network is a SMS based system that allows it's users to earn instant $100 commissions by simply sharing a phone number. When people call your phone number given to you by the system they will be given the opportunity to join the Abundance Network and start using the same system that you are. The system is set u in away that closes your leads for you.

Abundance Network Positives:

The system is very easy to set up and extremely newbie friendly. It will take most people on average about 10 minutes to be up and running ready to start making money. Another thing I like about the system is it's earning potential. Not only can you earn $100 commissions you can also earn additional $100 commissions from everyone who joins your team. This means that this can be a very profitable business for anyone willing to put in the work.

Abundance Network Negatives:

By it being such a new and innovative system there have been a couple issues with getting everything running smoothly. One of the biggest issues was getting reliable sms provider for the system. The good news is that this issues has been recently resolved! Any other issues are being worked out and are so small that it will not effect anyone from getting their business going and making money within minutes.

Is Abundance Network A Scam?

Short answer, no. This is a new system and has incredible earning potential. But just like with anything legit you will need to put some work in to make this a profitable home business. Like I said earlier, this system is very newbie friendly. Honestly, all you need to really do is put your phone number out there and let the system do the work.

Hope you enjoyed this Abundance Network Review.

Press Release comments:

Earl, thanks for your honest review.howie martell