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How To Make Money On YouTube!! YouTube Advanced Masterclass Course Review?

How To Make Money On YouTube!! YouTube Advanced Masterclass Course Review?

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I have completed the YouTube Advanced Masterclass and here is exactly what I think about the course!

What is this course about?

This is course is about learning how to make money with YouTube without having to make any videos. This is a very popular subject as of late and there are many videos on YouTube and courses being sold on how to do this online money making method.

Who is the course by?

YouTube Advanced Masterclass was created by successful YouTuber Jordan Mackey. He has proven to be making several Thousand Dollars a month from the strategies that he teaches in his course

Positives: The course is laid out in a very easy to follow video format. It has a lot of useful information with very little fluff content Everything is explained in great detail Jordan shared some effective tips that I haven't seen before Is great for someone new to making money online Strategies can be started today Personal Facebook group Has real earning potential The price is really good. This course could easily be sold for $997

Negatives: There is more work that will need to be done at the beginning then what is advertised. It's promoted to be something that you can do with just an hour of work a day. But in my opinion to make this work you should be ready to put in at least 4-6 hours a day. Jordan repeats himself a lot but this is kind of understandable because he doesn't want to be emailed with questions that can be answered in the course.

My overall thoughts!

As you can see the pros heavily outweigh the cons on this one. I feel that you can definitely make some good money on YouTube if you follow what is taught in this course. But like I said, you should be ready to work at bare minimum 4 hours a day on this. If you can even put in6-8 hours a day at the beginning to get the ball rolling I think you could see great success!

Press Release comments:

im glad to find out how to make money from youtube from your PR. This is greatIphota themaque

always interested in anything youtubeAdrian Deacon

How many courses and sites understate the work-time associated with the course or getting up to speed with a program, software, or site? Most opportunities really understate it by a lot, as you've wisely pointed out in your "negatives".In fact you can always count on adding many more hours than what they say. This can be a significant negative, because it adds to frustration because of the unrealistic expectations. That's why vetting and reading objective considerations are so important. I think you've done your due diligence here, and gave some realistic and valuable feedback. Good work, appreciate it, thank you very much.Francis Cassady

I have read so many success stories about video creators who are earning millions of dollars by providing entertaining and informative content.Sunshine Moon