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When asked, most people will say, water is just water. After all, water all looks the same...

You can't even tell when water has harmful chemicals in it...

like Chlorine, Flouride, Lye, pesticides, etc....

From the tap or bottled water, water all looks the same. It's chemical makeup is H2O. So, all water must be the same.... Right? Wrong!

I heard just recently that 75% of the popluation is concidered to be chronically dehydrated. Why?

We are all drinking plenty of liquids on a daily basis.. 

Soft drinks, sports drinks, milk, juice, beer, wine, bottled water... an endless supply of liquids.

They are all designed to do one thing... keep us dehydrated. And we don't even know it.

When your throat/tongue is dry we concider that the only sign that we are thirsty and we try to quench that thirst by drinking something from the list above. First of all, a parched throat is not the only sign of being dehydrated. 

The body has many signs of dehydration.. some of which are: 
headaches, backaches, cramps, spasms, arthritis pain, fuzzy thinking, dizzyness, etc...

Instead of just drinking a healthy alkaline water, we seem to be content with torturing ourselves by drinking the wrong liquids. This makes our body even more dehydrated than before. Over time, our body's constant dehydration will eventually become some form of degenerative disease. Which could have probably been avoided just by drinking the right kind of water.

We all can make a choice to Change Your Water and Change Your Life. 

Kangen Water's 3 special properties are: Antioxidants, Alkalinity and Micro-clustered molecules.

These 3 properties work together to help your body stay hydrated better, stay close to alkaline, and helps our body detox better. What better thing can you do for yourself and the people you love? 

If you are interested in learning more about Kangen Water please contact me. I will be happy to share the truth with you, so you can make up your own mind of what to believe. 

Change Your Water... Change Your Life, is more than Enagic's slogan. Drinking water, in it's healthiest form, is the best thing you can do to keep you and your family well hydrated and healthy.

Dean Corbitt
Ionized Water Specialist
4A Enagic Distributor

Press Release comments:

That's great Debi! Please make sure to test your water to see if it is acidic or alkaline in pH. if your water is acidic, it is not doing you any favors for your health. Plus test for chlorine and fluoride. These need to be removed before drinking the water.Dean Corbitt

Water is so very important for all of us. I make sure I have at least 6 glasses per day.. I add a little lemon sometimes. Have a great day. Deborah (Debi) Becker RN

Hi Dean! Change your water and change your life! Great idea. To your continued success.Don Merrill

Well Mary.. if you have to drink more water then why not make it Kangen water? It's a medical-grade healthy water that can help you and your family stay healthy.Dean Corbitt

Thanks so much for this article. I've never liked water, so I've chosen juices and other beverages instead...drinking a little glass of water from time to time. However, I realized, as I've grown older, that I do not have a choice. I'll read more Mary Daniels

Thanks Robert.. I appreciate your comments!Dean Corbitt

Thanks Bev... I appreciate your comments. Let me show you how you can get your own Kangen water ionizer for less than $50/month. Dean Corbitt

Hello Dean , I like my tank water myself ,good old rain water collected off my roof . Mind you if I lived in the city I might not be so inclined to drink water from the roof given the amount of pollution in the air in city environments. My tank water is free provided by nature.Graham James

Thanks Myrtis.. I appreciate your comments!Dean Corbitt

Thanks Trena.. I'm glad you liked the PR and video.Dean Corbitt

Thanks Leroy.. I appreciate your comments!Dean Corbitt

I'm glad you like Kangen water, Brenda. let me know if you have any questions.Dean Corbitt

3 properties work together to help your body stayCarolina Esquire

Very interesting PR, I hope this business is treating you wellArthur Cleveland

thanks Dean for putting the perspective of getting our bodies back to it original alkaline state for better chances of staying cancer free starting with just water alone. Have to start somewhere....thanks for the share and tips. Cassandra Goode

good info and a great video wish you successTerry Birley

Great Read and perfect call to action!Robert Fraser

Thanks Deborah.. I appreciate your comments!Dean Corbitt

Thanks for your comments, Bob & Lucy. I agree with your recommendation to take your weight in pounds, divide by 2 and drink the minimum amount of oz. per day. So this should be the minimum amount of water to drink per day.Dean Corbitt

Thanks Mary.. I appreciate all of your comments and support!Dean Corbitt

Dean, this is very educational and resourceful. Thanks for sharing this information in this PR. Massive success to you. Myles of smyles ...Myrtis Myles

Thanks Trena.. I appreciate your comments. Please check out my other PRs and videos about Kangen water.  click hereDean Corbitt


Thanks for posting this wonderful information; I just uploaded a video regarding Water, titled Water is Living, Life-Giving, Sustaining... I also enjoyed the animation in the video.
Trena Puentes

Thanks Jason.. I appreciate your comments and IBO support!Dean Corbitt

Thanks Saane.. I appeciate your comments!Dean Corbitt

Thanks for your comments, Lonnie. If you are drinking city tap water then please get some kind of quality filter so you aren't drinking chlorine and other toxic chemicals. And put a filter on your shower to keep from absorbing the chlorine through your skin. Dean Corbitt

Great PR ...Thanks for sharing with us DeanLeroy Ross

Yes, Dean, We all need to drink more pure clean water. I Love the
Kangen Water with the alkaline in it. Thank You For Sharing.
Brenda Spencer

Great PR Dean. Thank you for the information. Have a great one. Deborah (Debi) Becker RN

Dean's water-purification system is a good one. I hope everyone reading this will talk to him and explore options for their home or office.Jason Yost

Very interesting PR Dean, great sharing and thanksSaane Prieditis

Sometimes city or tap water just does not taste good too, thank you Dean.Lonnie E. Shipe, M.A.