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Do you know what's on the fruits and vegetables that you buy to feed your family?

I found this site and I wanted to share it with my friends to let you know how important it is to get the pesticides off of your fruits and vegetables. I was amazed at the amount of pesticides on every vegetable I buy. You will be too! 

Please share this site with your family and friends....

Do you know how to safely get the PESTICIDES off of your produce?

What do most of us do?  We rinse off the fruit or vegetable at the kitchen sink and we feel like we've done our part.

Actually, what you have done is cleaned the water and now you have added more chemicals like chlorine and fluoride to your produce. 


So, that's not the answer.

Two of the pH waters that an SD-501 can create at the same time is 2.5 pH Strong Acidic Water and Strong Kangen water 11.5 pH.

There are many uses for each of these waters but we are going to concentrate on how these two special waters can clean your fruits and vegetables and remove the oil-based herbicides and pesticides.

Do you want your family to be a guinea pig in this chemical experiment?

I know I don't!

Every time I bring home my produce I wash or soak them in Strong Acidic 2.5 pH first to kill any bacteria for a few minutes then I soak them in Strong Kangen Water 11.5 pH for about 
8-10 minutes and then rinse them with 9.5 pH Kangen water.

Now I know that my produce are clean and free of all of the pesticides and herbicides!

Plus my produce will last longer and taste much better!

Watch this video to see how much pesticides come off of these produce.

It's important for everyone to stop ingesting so many pesticides but it's especially important for men.  


Ingesting pesticides has been shown to lower your production of the important hormone, Testosterone. Lower testosterone levels plays havoc with your muscles and everything else. Especially your love life.

So....  Are you ready to get your Kangen Water SD-501?

I can show you a way to where it's as little as No Money Down and just $50/month

That's more affordable than joining a typical MLM at $300 or $500 or $1,000 to get started and then having an autoship of $75 to over $200/month for consumable items that are consumed and gone! 

At least with a Kangen Water Ionizer you will own it and use it daily for many years to come.

I can also show you a way to where you can get your Kangen water ionizer SD-501 for F R E E!

Isn't your health and your family's health worth looking into this?

Change Your Water, Change Your Life!

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Dean Corbitt

Ionized Water Specialist

Enagic Kangen Water Distributor


Click my link, http://healthykangenwater95.net and visit my website to get

a FREE e-book to learn more about the health benefits of Kangen water.

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Since strong Kangen water 11.5 pH is the only real way to remove the oil-based pesticides how would you like to take a stand, Mark? Dean Corbitt

wow.... very informative ... have to take a stand !!Mark Mann

You're right Kecia.. this is a very important topic for everyone.Dean Corbitt

This is a very important topic! Billions of gallons of pesticides and herbicides are being sprayed on our food supply and we NEED to have a safe way to get them off of our produce. L + SKecia Barnes

Hulian... The store is NOT going to remove any of the pesticides. That's the point. It's your responsibility to remove the pesticides and the ONLY way to do it is by using Strong Kangen water 11.5 pH to break down the oil-based pesticides.Dean Corbitt

You can't trust store to remove all pesticide hulian ter

Thannks Bobby!Dean Corbitt

Great title for a PR on Strong Kangen water! L + SBobby Berg

Thanks Kimberly.. I appreciate your comments!Dean Corbitt

Thanks Don... I appreciate your comments. Just $47/month gets you the best Kangen water machine for you and your family.Dean Corbitt

Hello Dean, I hope you have been doing will. I have been trying to reach out to you. Glad to see all is well. No pesticide for me thank you. Nice shareTed Johnson - Advanc-ED PD

Thanks for your comment, Carolina Esquire.Dean Corbitt

Great information, Dean, thank you for video! Be blessed! Kimberly Booker

A great, important message Dean. Thanks for sharing this with us.Don Merrill

Thanks Myrtis... I appreciate your comments!Dean Corbitt

Thanks Coach Ron.. I appreciate it!Dean Corbitt

Eat clean. Thanks for sharingCarolina Esquire

Thanks Kelly.. I appreciate your comments. Just remember... regular water can't wash off oil-based herbicides and pesticides. Only 11.5 pH Strong Kangen water can remove these toxic chemicals.Dean Corbitt

Dean, good job on sharing these wonderful and helpful tips in this post. Wishing you massive success. Myles of smyles ...Myrtis Myles

This is very interesting information. I am going to your website to know more about it. Thanks Dean !Anne Williams

I would be happy to help you get your Kangen water ionizer. It will get the pesticides off where your whole house filtration is just filtering and softening the water. Dean Corbitt

Thanks for your comments, PJ.Dean Corbitt

Wonderful advise Dean...we ALWAYS wash our fruits and veggies...water just doesn't cut it! Thanks for the reminder. Wishing you continued success in all you do!Kelly Hampton

Thanks Bill... I appreciate your comments and IBO spirit!Dean Corbitt

I am very conscious of the benefits of removing pesticides and other harmful chemicals from water and I use whole house filtration, however this system seem much better. I would welcome on of these in my home.Ronald Lorde

Interesting- have the Ionizer on the pool -love it.We spend maybe $50 PER YEAR-NO chlorine at all- I use baking soda when open... Everyone says like miracle water. Will check out, thank you DeanPj "Advantage" Schuble

The benefits of pesticides are many but the hazards are too. Thanks for the reminder.No money down and $50 a month. That makes your system truly affordable for the masses. Let's get that message out.Bill Bateman