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When we want to make tea we have to boil the water to Micro-Cluster the water. 

When the water boils it changes the molecular structure of the water so that the boiling water can penetrate the teabag and steep the tea. If you try this with regular room temperature H2O it can't steep the tea. Why not? The heat is not steeping the tea... it's the fact that the boiling water's molecules have been grouped into smaller clusters. Hence,the term, Micro-clustered water.

Kangen water achieves Micro-clustered water through the electrolysis process that creates the alkaline water that we drink. Normal H2O's molecules are grouped together in clusters of 15-25 where Kangen water has Micro-clustered groups of molecules of 5-9. This smaller group of molecules is important, because it allows the Kangen water to be absorbed a lot faster and penetrate the cell walls better. When the cells are able to be hydrated better by the water, we stay hydrated better and our cells are able to release toxins and stay healthy.

The 3 unique properties of Kangen Water (alkaline, anti-oxidants, micro-clustered) are all very important, but being able to penetrate the cell walls better with the Micro-clusted water is probably the most important quality of the 3 as it aids the alkalinity and antioxidants to be better utilized by the cells and the body.

The electrolysis process in a Kangen Water ionizer is why the water achieves the Micro-clustering quality. When the water runs through the ionizer, it first, is filtered from chemicals like chlorine, flouride, heavy metals and other harmful chemicals. Then, the water runs past 7 large medical-grade titanium solid plates (covered in medical-grade platinum) and is electrolized by 230 watts of power from a transformer. This electrolysis process is what makes Kangen Water so special as each component is of the highest quality and the machine is completely assembled by one person. (not from an assembly line)

The Micro-clustering aspect of Kangen Water also helps transfer nutritional supplements better into the cells and bloodstream where they are needed... instead of being flushed down the toilet. Because of the Micro-clustering aspect your body is hydrated up to 6 times better than regular H2O or bottled water. This superior hydration is very important to achieve a healthy mind and a healthy body.

See for yourself how Kangen Water can create Micro-clustered water. 
Watch this video to see Dr. Michael explain Micro-Clustered Molecules.

Learn more about the many benefits of Kangen Water including how to create a financial retirement plan for you and your family.... 

Change Your Water, Change Your Life!  

Physically, Mentally, Financially!

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Exactly, Bill! That's a pretty powerful argument for drinking alkaline, ionized, hexagonal structured water like Kangen water. Kangen water is a great preventive measure to staying healthy by simply drinking a high quality water. Get a free DVD on Kangen water here...  click hereDean Corbitt

The science shows that cancer cells don't grow in Alkaline environments. There are a lot of health benefits to low acid high alkaline consumption but that is the most powerful argument for many.Bill Bateman

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