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It's true that Crowdfunding works and is the HOTTEST BILLION dollar industry in the world.

Crowdfunding is a worldwide phenomenon as shared in - The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN Money, Bloomberg, and many more prominent publications. 

Forbes has called “Crowdfunding – the next BIG Trend.” 

Tens of thousands of people and small businesses all over the planet have already received funding for all sorts of projects and causes. Whether it was for business or personal. 

Impact 101 Crowdfunding (also referred to as Impact101), is a fairly new fundraising platform that is currently available in the United States, Canada, and 113 other countries. There are currently 5 types of existing crowdfunding models. Impact 101 falls under the category of what’s called “Debt-based crowdfunding”, also known as peer-to-peer crowdfunding, or simply P2P for short.
You can raise funds for absolutely anything that you want to.
That's because person to person crowdfunding is legal, ethical and acceptable everywhere in the world.

We are a community of ‘crowdfunders’ that helps your fundraising efforts and place them on steroids!


What exactly do you want to raise money for?

You can Receive Cash Donations For:

-Starting or expanding a business    
-Help fund a favorite charity    
-Pay off your credit cards    
-Paying off your mortgage    
-Support a local animal shelter    
-Finance a fabulous wedding    
-Helping a local food bank    
-Help family with bills    
-Pay off your medical expenses    
-Pay for tuition or student loans    
-Fund artistic endeavors    
-Fund your dream vacation    
-Make political contributions or increase your advertising budget for your business.


Whatever your dreams, passions and goals are, Impact101 has the platform and the system to help you raise the funds for them.
My successful experienced team is always available for support with zoom meeting 3x a week, trainings, marketing, lead generation, and to speak with people who are interested in learning how to generate more from your efforts.
I would encourage you to view the Impact101 presentation and take action ASAP!

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