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There are so many different uses for Strong Kangen water 11.5 pH.  Here is a short list of some of the main uses.

1. GOOD NIGHT SLEEP: Drink 1/2-1 ounce of 11.5 before bed time to help release melatonin for a great night sleep.

2. EYE WASH: Rinse eyes with an eye cup. Upon removing the eye cup from its packaging, soak in Strong Acid Water (pH 2.5) for 1-2 minutes to clean and disinfect. Rinse the eye cup thoroughly with Strong Alkaline Water (pH 11.5) Fill the cup, following package directions, with Strong Alkaline Water (pH 11.5) Place cup firmly around one eye, keeping your eye open, tilt your head back and gently roll your eye as though you were attempting to look up, down, and from side to side. Continue this for approximately 1 minute. Now that you have completed one eye, toss the water away. Rinse the eye cup thoroughly with Strong Acid Water (pH 2.5) Repeat steps for your other eye. To maintain healthy eyes follow this protocol 1-3 times per week. When working to improve any eye condition, follow this protocol at least 2 times daily and up to 10 times per day.

3. GREASE IN EYE: Spray 11.5 as needed to soothe and heal eye.

4. MAKE UP REMOVER: Spray on eyelids to dissolve and remove make up.

5. PUFFY EYES: Spray on to eyes to reduce puffiness.

6. HOT BATH SOAK: Use one gallon of 11.5 added right at the end of filling the tub. This replaces Epsom Salts or any other remedy. This works even better if you have the Anespa from Enagic. Anespa attaches to your bath/shower and removes chlorine and other harmful chemicals from the water, then adds natural minerals to give you a healthy relaxing bath or shower.

7. ALLERGIES, COLD SYMPTOMS, SNORING: Use as a nasal wash when sinuses are plugged.  Due to the reduction in inflammation of nasal passages this technique can also reduce snoring!

8. BUG SPRAY REPELLENT, SUNBURN, PAIN, BUG BITES, SWELLING: Spray or soak areas with towel soaked in 11.5 and keep wet by adding small amounts of 11.5 to the towel for a minimum of 30 minutes twice a day…better if one hour twice daily.

9. HEARTBURN, INDIGESTION, FOOD POISONING, STOMACH FLU: Drink ¼ cup FRESH 11.5 immediately followed by 25 ounces of 9.5 then do not eat or drink anything for 45 minutes. Repeat the next day only if necessary.

10. ARTHRITIS, GOUT, MUSCLE SORENESS OR TISSUE INJURIES: Since high alkalinity draws out acids, you can utilize 11.5 to soak in to “pull out” acids associated with inflammation, injury and pain. Simply wet a rag with 11.5 pH and press or wrap area so the 11.5 pH can draw out the acids through your skin.

11. HANGOVERS & MIGRAINES: can prevent hang overs, as soon as feel migraine coming on, drink several oz. Actually, you can avoid a hangover in the first place by drinking Kangen water 9.5 before drinking alcohol.

12. CHEMOTHERAPY: Drink the water with chemotherapy. The benefits are that side effects are lessened, it reverses metabolic acidosis, and the antioxidants are good for any point on chemo. Put 11.5 on the skin twice a day for burns from chemo.

13. STROKE: Drink as much as able if feel a stroke coming on to provide potent alkalinity to overcome severe acidosis causing the stroke.

14. FRUITS & VEGGIES: Soak for a minimum of 10 minutes to clean off oil-based pesticides and oxidation. Your produce will last longer, taste better and be healthier for you and your family.

15. ICE CUBES: To help off set acidic drinks.

16. RICE, BEAN, LEGUMES: Soak for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse clean with low flow 9.5 pH water.

17. MEATS: Soak all for 5 to 10 minutes for cleaning and tenderizing.

18. LAUNDRY SOAP: Use 1 to 2 quarts per load in place of laundry soap. Works beautifully for greasy smells like Chick-fil-a work clothes.

19. STAINS ON CLOTHES, RUGS, CARPETS: Use as a degreaser for any type of cleaning.  Clean oil based stains by soaking the area and letting sit for 10 to 20 minutes and then blot out of carpets and wash if laundry stain as mentioned in step 17.

20. CLEAN OVEN, CLOGGED SINKS & TUBS, REPLACE 409 CLEANER & DRAINO: Clean with a scratch pad. Replaces 409 cleaner when dissolving grease and grime in kitchen. Use instead of Draino or other chemicals for clogged sinks and bathtubs.

21. POLISH SILVER: soak and polish.

22. PAINT THINNER: After using oil base paints, use to clean up

23. ENGINE DEGREASER: Spray 11.5 pH on your vehicle's engine and let it soak in for a few minutes. You can either wipe it clean or use a pressure nozzle to rinse off the engine.

24. FRUITS & VEGETABLE CLEANER:  To get harmful pesticides & herbicides off of your produce.

The list goes on and on....  there are a multitude of uses for Strong Kangen Water 11.5 pH.  Using Strong Kangen water 11.5 pH will basically replace all of your cleaners and save you money every month.

Watch this video to see a few examples...

This is just one of the seven different types of pH water that an SD-501 Kangen water ionizer can produce.

2.5 pH - a natural sanitizer. It kills 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, mildew etc...

5.5 pH - Beauty water.  Naturally moisturizes your skin and tightens pores. Toner.

8.5 - 9.5 pH - Healthy and delicious Kangen water for drinking and cooking.

Change your water, Change your life!

Dean Corbitt

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Thanks Bobby.. I appreciate it!Dean Corbitt

Great PR on the amazing ability of Strong Kangen water!Bobby Berg

Thanks for your comment, Selvi. Strong Kangen water 11.5 pH cleans better and saves you money!Dean Corbitt

Kangen water has a lot of different uses, Kathy. Thanks for your comment.Dean Corbitt

Thanks Sig... I appreciate your supportive comments.Dean Corbitt

It seems to be very useful for all.Selvi Raveendran

Looks like water has lots of usesKathy Melendez

Yes it is, Lonnie. Kangen water is definitely something special. Dean Corbitt

You got tons of interesting and good info there about this special Kange water... And I can safe recommand people to read it and check this video.
Sharing it for more to see.
Sig Skeie

This is all true, Tom. Scout's honor. I've used it to mop the vinyl floor, clean carpet stains, pre-soak laundry stains & clean my countertops & bathrooms. I've also used it on my car to degrease the engine & clean my chrome rims. Every time I've tried it on something new it still amazes me how well it works! I've also used it to soak all of my produce to remove the toxic pesticides from them & also used 11.5 to quickly get rid of heartburn. Feel free to contact me with your questions. Dean Corbitt

I always thought this Kangen water is something special.Lonnie E. Shipe, M.A.

This is absolutely amazing Dean! Are you pulling our legs, this stuff does everything! Come to think of it I had a friend a couple of years back had a device and swore by it for improving meats before cooking, so yea, but I never knew it did all these things. Definitely going to take a closer look, thank you, a real eye opener.Tom Riach