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Water is just water... right?  H2O is H2O.  

 Well, for the most part, it is.

Sometimes and in very few locations, water or H2O, becomes something just a little bit different. Like in Lourdes, France or Nordenau, Germany or Tiacote, Mexico. Thousands of people line up in these locations to get gallons of water to drink because the water there has certain properties in the water. Why? What's so special about this water?  

Well as it turns out, all of these waters have the same properties in the water that helps the people who drink it to stay healthy or get healthy. These properties are AlkalinityIonized MineralsActive Hydrogen and lots of Antioxidants.

The water you buy in a bottle doesn't have these healthy properties. The water from your "kitchen sink" doesn't have these healthy properties. So how can we get these healthy properties in our water?

As you can see from the video, soft drinks, sports drinks, bottled water and tap water are all ACIDIC and OXIDIZING so they are aging you faster and causing other degenerative health problems, like type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Gout, Arthritis, even cancer.

KANGEN WATER is the only water that is full of healthy ANTIOXIDANTS, ALKALINE and MICRO-CLUSTERED to increase the absorption rate by the cells by 500%.  If you care about your family's health, please look into getting a "KANGEN WATER" ionizer as soon as you can. You will be glad that you did! 

This is what we mean by...

Change Your Water, Change Your Life!

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Press Release comments:

I'm sorry to hear that Stephanie... I will be glad to help you and answer all of your questions about how Kangen water can help with your health issues. Please click here www.healthykangenwater95.net and watch the videos. If you are drinking lots of tap water, simply changing to Kangen water will be easy for you and you WILL notice the difference in your health.Dean Corbitt

I have been recently diagnosed with some of the things you noted and I drink lots of tap water. Very interesting to read. Stephanie Hill

Dean, it's been awhile and perhaps later this year I will revisit that. My challenge is time but I'm a huge fan of your company, product and the way you personally market it.Bill Bateman

All water is not created equal... just like there are different levels of quality in wine or beer, how your water has been processed plays a huge role in how healthy you and your family will be for years to come.  click hereDean Corbitt

Thanks Bill... I appreciate your comments! My team and I have had a successful year. I would love to have you join us.Dean Corbitt

Nearly a year later, the Kangen story is one that even more people need to hear. Let's share the story with all of the folks here on IBO. Hope you and your team have had a great year so far.Bill Bateman

Thanks Lucy.. I appreciate your comments!Dean Corbitt

Ken.. in your investigation and information of Kangen water please visit my site to learn more about what makes kangen water special...  click hereDean Corbitt

That's true, Don. Changing people's lives for the better makes it a gift that keeps on giving! My girlfriend's dad is gout pain free and is able to get around again simply by drinking Kangen water. He got his lifestyle back and is sleeping much better! To me, that is priceless.Dean Corbitt

Hi Dean. I loved the comment: "Change your water, change your life." e are all about changing lives, aren't we?Don Merrill

Thanks Ken... In you investigating, take a look at this site...  click here text or call me for the password. Kangen water is certified as a medical device in Japan and Canada. It is the best water ionizer in the world.Dean Corbitt

Great press release and video! It was very informative and I learned something new. My wife and I market the Amway Water Treatment System so we definitely are concerned about the quality of our water. Will investigate further. Thanks for sharing.Little Affiliates

You're welcome, Randy. Just remember to make it Kangen water. Antioxidants and hexagonal water make Kangen water unique and powerfully health.Dean Corbitt

Thanks Rickey.. I appreciate your comments!Dean Corbitt

You're welcome Donnell... I'm glad you like my PR. Thanks for your comments.Dean Corbitt

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Thanks Ted.. I appreciate it!Dean Corbitt

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Thanks Jikly... I appreciate it! Check out my new site at  click here Contact me for the password.Dean Corbitt

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