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YOU WILL SPEND OVER $2O,OOO.OO MORE if you do not purchase a Kangen Water Ionizer!

That title may not seem possible but I will show you how having an SD-501Kangen water ionizer will save you and your family a lot of money.

Let Me Ask You 3 Questions.

1. How much do you spend a day, as a family,

on Bottled Water and other Acidic Beverages?

· Most families say: $3 to $5 or more a day

2. How much do you spend a day, as a family,

on Toxic Household Cleaning Products?

· Most families say: $1 to $2 or more a day

3. How much do you spend a day, as a family,

on Toxic Personal Care Products?

· Most families say: $1 to $2 or more a day

Using the low numbers of $3/day and $1/day and $1/day…

that equals $5/day... which equals $150/month


$9,000.00 in 5 YEARS, 

$18,000.00 in 10 YEARS 

$27,000.00 in 15 YEARS that you are spending now!

The Kangen Water Ionizer is built to last 15+ Years. Plus you can send the SD-501 in to reconditioned and they will extend your warranty for another 5 years!


You can drink super healthy, high antioxidant,


unhealthy cleaning and personal products with NON-TOXIC,

HEALTHY pH Waters from our Water Ionizer and lower your risk
to cancer and other major health problems, aid healing and


I care about you and your family … 

STOP WASTING MONEY on toxic products that are harmful for you and your family's health!


Our team has a credit program that can get you an SD-501 for 

NO MONEY DOWN and less than $50/month!

If you are SAVING between $150 to $200/month and you are

spending only $50/month, then it seems to me that you are

saving a lot more than you are spending each month. 

That's a good thing!

Plus, all of the other health benefits to drinking Kangen Water



Isn't it time to get your SD-501 Kangen Water Ionizer and ...

Change your water and Change Your Life!

Plus, you can also participate in our Referral based patented compensation plan and creat a substantial income stream!  Learn more from the video...


For more information please check out and LIKE my facebook page too!


Dean Corbitt

Enagic Kangen Water Distributor


Press Release comments:

living the alkaline life. great infoJT Thames

Interesting read Dean, thanks for sharing this!Chris Caldon

Drinking the right water is goodKoula Kanos - Advanc-ED PD

Hello Dean Corbitt It was good to get this information. The SD-501 Ionizer gives great service and the healyh benefits extend to ridding the toxic cleaners and chemicals that most homes still use. A good way to save and inrich our health.JOHN E BROWN

I have to drink lots of water because of my meds. I have well water and I hate to drink it because I smell the chemicals they put in it.Dawn Meyers

Thanks for sharing Dean! Most don`t realize that having a good PH level means nothing without a negative O.R.A.C reading! Thanks again for sharing!!Spencer Taylor Jr

Very Intereting PR Dean....Thanks for the share!!!!!!!Gene Hughes (MD)

I will have to seriously look into this. I have well water and I swear it gives people cancer but I did see a PH test done on well water and it scored better than some bottled water so what you have here is a no brainer.Dawn Meyers

Excellent post; thanks Dean for sharing this information on Kangen water ionizer ~ blessings and continued success in all your endeavors!Velma Joseph

what is kangen water ionizer a device that will save you money?zita slawinski

Hi Dean! Ppure water is essential to our well being. Where I live in Bendigo (Aus) we are blessed with good water and we do not need to buy water Bu tthanks for the information.Gerald Begg

Hey Dean this is very interesting about the Kangen water ionizer. Thanks for sharing.Tracy Carter

Ionizing and reversing the acidity to alkalinity by the Kangen process will produce the health benefits and savings that most famiilies needJOHN E BROWN

This really works! No need for harmful cleaners and laundry detergents so I'm saving money every week!Kecia Barnes

Awesome Post Dean ... Clean-H2O is ESSENTIAL ... Every BODY Needs IT. Keep me in The Loop.PHIL SCHAEFER

Melbourne has one of the best quality water in the world. I think other governments should filter water to quality drinking standards. Thanks for posting Dean.Dominic Goss

Hi Dean, we drink a lot of water in my house :) we use a filtered pitcher, we should really look into this. Thank youLisa Smith

Dean thank you for sharing what you believe in and that is a healthier alternative to the water out of our homes. Our country should be using this for everyone so we shouldn't have to purchase safe products ourselves. But its true our government allows toxic chemicals in everything.Wanda K Robinson

Dean, very interested, I did liked and shared for you.Sunny Dominion

Hi thanks for sharing an excellent read and some great point about Kangen water!George Galvin

These are incredible numbers Dean. We will have to look into this for our new house.Brian C Cook

Thanks for sharing How To Save MoneyTed Charlotte- NC

amazing report on water ionization to help protect our waterMichael Mikovich

I have recently been impressed with a Kangen demonstration. It's no the same ole ionized product.Brian C Cook

Great information..you can post your ads in my facebook ad groups for free 24/7 go to my profile or one of my last PR and start posting them.Rafael Cruz

How can you save money by getting a Kangen water ionizer? Read my PR to find out. It really does pay for itself.. and then some!Dean Corbitt

Dean it is great when you find something you can be passionate about and share with others keep them coming and you will be successful.Wanda K Robinson

Hello Dean, I see that you have been on here for more than 4 years. How has it been?Efals Marketing

Your line is not working. Is your phone number updated?Koula Kanos - Advanc-ED PD

I'm saving money left and right with my Kangen water ionizer!Kecia Barnes

Sounds like a great product, has health benefits and saves money, awesome.Vincent Keize

You made some interesting, powerful points Dean, thank you.Lonnie E. Shipe, M.A.

Thanks for your comments, Stephanie!Dean Corbitt

Very informative PR on the importance of water safetyStephanie Hill

Hi Ted.Dean Corbitt

1st quarter of 2016Ted Johnson - Advanc-ED PD

That's awesome, Kecia!Dean Corbitt

I save a bunch of money by using my Kangen water ionizer every day!Kecia Barnes

Thanks Lonnie.. I appreciate your supportive comments!Dean Corbitt

Great PR wonderful information on Kagen water and thank you for the share of your postLonnie E. Shipe, M.A.

That's great, Grape. I would love to show you how to make a substantial income stream with Enagic. We are not too far away from each other as I see you are in Charlotte, NC. I live just north of there in Mooresville. Let's contact each other thru my fb page at  click here Dean Corbitt

I like creating a substantial income streamThats Grape

Thanks for the comments!Dean Corbitt

Thanks Tanya!Dean Corbitt

I have saved a lot of money by having a Kangen water ionizer! At least $100/month.Tanya Chen

Have checks been consistent? Carolina Esquire

Thanks for your comments, Kecia. A family of 4 would save about $150/month or more by having a Kangen water ionizer and replacing all of the chemical cleaners, bottle water, sanitizers etc... The water ionizer would more than pay for itself in monthly savings while having the best water to drink for their family's health.Dean Corbitt

It's frequently the case that we can save a LOT of money with significant purchases and this is one more case. Kangen has a great story and lot's of loyal fans. Let's share the message.Bill Bateman

Great post, Dean. Thank you for sharing. Have a great day.Anne-Marie Ronsen

I save at least $20/month by using 11.5 pH Strong Kangen water to do my laundry! Another $20/month is saved by replacing soft drinks and bottled with Kangen water! At least $10/month is saved on cleaning products like 409, kitchen cleaners, bath cleaners, toilet cleaners by using 11.5 pH Strong Kangen water instead. The list of savings goes on and on.... Kecia Barnes

Thanks for your comments!Dean Corbitt

I love that Ionizer i got one already great product. God bless thanks for sharing.Thomas Mutai


Thanks Jaye... For a family, the savings would be more. I wanted to go with the lowest possible numbers and show that it is still possible to save money by getting a Kangen water ionizer. The more they save, the more money they will have for other important bills. Dean Corbitt

There is no telling what the average family really spends daily on these things. The numbers you provide are more than likely the lowest possible average. I bet it is much higher than that, so the savings would be more. Great PR Dean, you explain the savings in a clear picture.Jaye Carden

Thanks Fred... You hit the nail on the head... and that's just the tip of the iceberg of how a Kangen water ionizer can pay for itself and benefit your family's health and vitality!Dean Corbitt

Dean, these are very compelling reasons to acquire a Kangen Water Ionizer: Reducing expenses. drinking healthy water, ridding our homes of toxic chemicals and lowering the risk of getting cancer and other health problems (linked to toxicity). Back to the top of the feed for more to read.Fred Mugone

Thanks Kecia.. I appreciate it!Dean Corbitt

Great PR, Dean! Thanks for sharing this important information.Kecia Barnes