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In this Press Release I want to highlight the many differences between a typical MLM business and Enagic's Progressive Direct Sales business.

First of all... Enagic is NOT an MLM. It is a Direct Sales business. Enagic has been a member of the Direct Sales Association for a long time.

The strategy to signing someone up in an MLM has a different psychological feel to it compared to the Enagic Direct Sales approach. 

In an MLM the name of the game is numbers... as in, talk to enough people and get them excited about the product/service and the compensation plan so you can sign them up and it's on to the next one. Why? Because the comp plan demands that you keep signing up more people.

In Enagic, you do want to talk to enough people, but it's about giving the right people enough information and trying Kangen water so they can make an informed decision. The pace is slowed down with the prospect and you actually get to know them. It has more of a relationship marketing feel to it. 

In an MLM you need to sign up A LOT of people ( and have them stay in) in order to get paid a decent residual income. And in most MLMs you get paid on your weaker leg's volume so every month is a crapshoot of what you will get paid. It pretty much takes a genius to figure out which parts of the compensation plan you qualified to get paid on at the end of the month.

In Enagic's Direct Sales approach, you only need to sign up a few people and teach them how to share the information about Kangen water and help them do the same. Since your commissions can come to you daily, depending on when you or your teammate make a sale, you can determine what referral commissions that you have coming to you. In other words, with Enagic, I can calculate exactly what I will be paid each week based on my Direct sales and my team's (Indirect) sales. It gives me a little more control over my weekly or monthly cash flow.

To give you an example, I could help just 2 people get their Kangen water ionizer SD501 and help them get their first 2 referrals signed up in the first month and I know that my referral commissions will be for 6 referrals at $285 each for a total of $1,710. Not bad for signing up just 2 people and helping them do the same. 

Enagic pays out 8 POINTS, not 8 levels. (Picture a large Pizza cut into 8 slices) So it depends where the Direct Sale happens in your team to be able to determine what your commission will be. For example, on a 1A indirect sale I would be paid 1 slice of the pizza at $285 on a SD-501. If the indirect sale occurred in my 3A line, I would receive 3 slices of pizza, $285*3 = $855. 

This is true leverage! Because now my first 2 teammates are motivated to help their 2 teammates get started with 2 referrals each. Once I have helped my first 2 teammates achieve their first few sales, I can then open up a 2A line with just one more Direct Sale. On the 2A line, I now receive 2 times the referral commission of $285 on the SD-501 ($570/ ) for my Direct Sale and for any other Indirect sale that occurs on my 2A line. This can go down 7 POINTS deep....over and over again.

After just 10 team sales, if I want to, I can open a 3A line with a Direct Sale and receive 3 times the $285 commission! That's $855/sale... 6 POINTS deep on the first 2 sales of each new teammate. And then continuing on down until the 8 POINTS runs out. 

After just 20 team sales, if I want to, I can open a 4A line with a Direct Sale and receive 4 times the $285 commission! That's $1,140/sale.. 5 POINTS deep on the first 2 sales of each new teammate. And then continuing on down until the 8 POINTS runs out.

After just 50 team sales, if I want to, I can open a 5A line with a Direct Sale and receive 5 times the $285 commission! That's $1,425/sale.. 4 POINTS deep on the first 2 sales of each new teammate. And then continuing on down until the 8 POINTS runs out.

When my team reaches 100 sales, I will definitely open a 6A line with a Direct Sale and receive 6 times the $285 commission! That's $1,710/sale... 3 POINTS deep on the first 2 sales of each new teammate. And then continuing on down until the 8 POINTS runs out.

At 6A, this is the beginning of the top of the compensation plan. After reaching 6A, I can open as many 6A lines as I want! Plus there are quarterly performance bonuses depending on how many 6A teammates that I have helped to get there!

As you can see, there are quite a few differences between an MLM business and Enagic's Direct Sales Business. I hope I have helped to clarify them for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I will be glad to answer your questions in more detail.

*** To view the patented compensation plan and why Enagic continues to grow worldwide.. 

http://ibourl.net/enagicomplan    and watch the video ***

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Press Release comments:

It's good that people know the difference between a direct sales business and an MLM operation Dean and you've explained that very well in this article. Touching on the benefits of drinking clean water and providing a business opportunity too, makes this a perticularly interesting and informative read.Tom Riach

Thank you for sharing the difference between direct sales and MLMGreg Chirinian

Enagic is a Direct Sales Association member and in high standing with them. We pride ourselves in being professional and courteous to our prospects and customers who are trying to understand how Kangen water can be so much better than regular water. Dean Corbitt

True, Bill. Enagic's patented comp plan is more of a straight commission structure vs building a large team to create a residual income. I prefer to know what I'm going to make per sale vs going through the hoops and meeting criteria to get paid. Let's talk soon as my team is on the verge of getting a secret weapon to help a lot of people afford our water ionizers. Dean Corbitt

That would be more like I would categorize the insurance agency and real estate agency businesses. I get that and it's a very good point. Pluses and minuses to both designs - no doubt.Bill Bateman

Kathy.. you are showing your ignorance. There are many differences with the commission structure of an Multi-level marketing company and Enagic's patented commission structure. Read my PR to understand the differences. Dean Corbitt

It is interesting how some companies do not want to be associated with MLM even though they have Multiple LevelsKathy Myers

Thanks Donald... I appreciate your comments!Dean Corbitt

You're right Jason... The Kangen water machine is a GREEN product in many ways! We call this human based marketing and it rewards you based on helping people see the importance of improving their water for so many reasons.Dean Corbitt

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I see this as a career and business opportunity esp. for those looking for something less dependent on building teams in time lines for income. It, also, provides an opportunity for people work in the green-collar industry.Jason Yost

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If you have any questions about Enagic's patented compensation plan feel free to give me a call and I will be glad to answer your questions.Dean Corbitt