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Enagic now has the best of both worlds! They have incorporated Kangen UKON into our already unique & patented compensation plan. So now we have a residual income to compliment our Direct Sales commissions from selling Kangen Water ionizers.

This is a WIN WIN situation! Not only do we have a residual income from Kangen UKON but each sale of UKON also counts as a sale towards moving up in rank, just like selling a Kangen water ionizer.  

Do you know what this means?!!!

It means that it cuts the amount of sales needed to get to 6A practically in half! Instead of needing you or your team to sell 100 Kangen water ionizers or Anespa bath units, you can now incorporate Kangen UKON into your sales and get to 6A a lot faster!  

Once you're 6A, you're always 6A! 

So what does 6A mean?

I'm going to let Dr. Michael explain what it means to get to 6A.

Kangen UKON creates a residual income that starts at $40/point. So if someone got UKON from you on your 3A line that would be 3 * $40 = $120 commission paid 3 times per year. Anyone who signed up under your 3A team would be $120 commission to you! On your 6A line that would be a $240 commission anywhere in your 6A line! 

These commissions are paid within a few days, so you don't have to wait a few weeks or a month to get some cash flow coming in.

Have I got your attention yet?

Our team has developed a strategy that maximizes your team's efforts and creates both a Direct Sales commission income stream as well as a Residual Income stream with Kangen UKON. 

If you are interested in seeing our 20 minute webinar please contact me through my website.

To learn more about Kangen UKON please visit my site...

Are you ready to Change Your Water & Change Your Life?

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Dean Corbitt

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Dial 641-715-3800 put in the pin 40775# and listen to the message!

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Thanks Kecia!Dean Corbitt

Kangen UKON is an awesome turmeric supplement that has so many health benefits! Everyone needs to be taking Kangen UKON to stay healthy. Tanya Chen

Thanks Bobby!Dean Corbitt

This is awesome! 2 impressive income streams!!Bobby Berg

Thanks Terri.. have a great week!Dean Corbitt

Hello Dean it's good to see you in the IBO community today. Have a great week. Go IBO spirit!Terri Pattio

Great PR! Thanks for sharing this information and video with us.Kecia Barnes

Thanks Tanya! I appreciate it!Dean Corbitt

Awesome PR on how to make a lot of commissions in a short period of time! Thanks for sharing this information with us!Tanya Chen

Thanks Lonnie! Have a great day, buddy!Dean Corbitt

Thanks Koula... I appreciate your comments and IBO spirit!Dean Corbitt

I agree, Bill. Our residual income on top of Direct Sales commissions is the best of both worlds! Thanks for your comments.Dean Corbitt

Great PR, thank you, have a great day DeanLonnie E. Shipe, M.A.

That's great, Al! I'm glad you are drinking Kangen water daily! Are you familiar with all of the health benefits of Kangen UKON? Dean Corbitt

Great Info on Kangen water and kangen Ukon,Thank you for sharing Dean,
Wish you much success.
Koula Kanos - Advanc-ED PD

That's a "big deal". Having a residual income in our business plans is something we all should have but a lot of businesses don't. Congratulations. Let's share that message with more folks.Bill Bateman

Hello Dean thank you for taking the time to supply us with that fantastic information. Joseph Moran

Dean fantastic press release on ENAGIC KANGEN WATER system! It's a great machine I drink the water daily. Thanks for the update on the income opportunity. Toast!Al Peters