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Choose your water wisely!

Something as simple as changing the type of water you drink could have a profound impact on your health, optimal brain function and also give you better hydration.

Most of us are unaware that our brain is 85% water and that it is the first place to lose water and become dehydrated. Proper hydration of the brain is essential and drinking the right kind of water is imperative. The right kind of water has these qualities:

Alkaline, ionized, restructured, hexagonal, micro-clustered, electrically charged, anti-oxidant water

- One of the most important roles of water is to keep your brain hydrated

- A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger fuzzy thinking

- Lack of water is the number one reason for daytime fatigue. 

(Stop reaching for acidic energy drinks)

Your brain needs clean ionized water (with minerals) in order to conduct electrical impulses. These bio-electric commands automatically regulate your body temperature, process information, helps you move muscles, breathe automatically, eat and digest and cause you to "feel" both physically and emotionally. When there isn't enough water available to your brain, your brain basically shuts down to conserve energy. 

(ever have that feeling? )

If our brains are mostly water, then it is only logical that lack of water can cause the brain some real health problems. Alterations in the balance of water in the brain contributes significantly to many common neurological disorders including forgetfulness, head trauma, stroke, tumors, infections and metabolic disorders. 

Now you see why you should be drinking high quality Kangen water instead of soft drinks, juices, sports drinks, tap water or bottled water. Just this one reason alone could change your life and health, for the better. 

A good friend once told me to just try drinking a high quality water for 30 days and see how I felt. Well, I'm very grateful for her advice because it has changed my life over the past 20 years.

Now I give that advice to you.... Change your water, Change your life.

Dean Corbitt

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Listen to all 3 options to get a good overview of the health benefits as well as the financial side of the business. Please share this call with others who are interested and have them contact me.

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Kangen water is an Alkaline, ionized, restructured, hexagonal, micro-clustered, electrically charged, anti-oxidant water that is filled with Active Hydrogen, also known as H2. H2 is documented to be therapeutic to the body.Dean Corbitt

Thanks Susan.. I appreciate it!Dean Corbitt

Thanks Lisa... I really appreciate your comments and IBO spirit!Dean Corbitt

Thanks Myrtis.. I appreciate your comments and IBO spirit!Dean Corbitt

Hi Dean! Great PR, the video is very informative ~ sharing for you!Lisa Smith

Thanks Natalie.. I appreciate your comments!Dean Corbitt

Dean, this is a very professional and well presented PR. The content of this post is great and the video too. Thanks for the share. Wishing you much success. Myles of smyles ...Myrtis Myles

Thanks for your comment, Sabrina.Dean Corbitt

Welcome to IBOSabrina Parker

I won't tell, James. You were probably drinking Hexagonal structured water like Kangen water. Mother nature did come up with this... it's in the Himalayan mountains, Nordenau Germany, Lourdes France and Tiacote Mexico. Kangen water was developed by studying these locations and finding out what made them special waters. Kangen water takes the water that is "man-made processed" and turns it back into hexagonal, ionized structured water that is good for the body.Dean Corbitt

Thanks Brian... I am very passionate about Kangen water because I have seen what it has done for the people that I care about. It has changed their lives for the better!Dean Corbitt

Thanks for your comments, Mary! We need to drink the RIGHT kind of water which is hexagonally structured water, like Kangen water.Dean Corbitt

Great info Dean! thanks for sharingNatalie Apparicio

Sounds interesting. water is so basic. Wonder why mother nature didn't come up with this? I visited Canada during the summer and drank some fresh ice cold clear stream water. It was really refreshing and invigorating. This sounds like a better option but don't tell my Canadian friends that. ;-)James Lumpkin

Sounds like you are passionate about your product Dean. Good luck...Brian C Cook

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cool cleaner and better water thank you of sharing this with me Mr.Dean!Gabriel Dixon

Hello Dean, Great press release thank you for sharing. Keep up the good workBob & Shirley Rushing

I've been drinking Kangen water for 4 years and I will continue to drink it. Better hydration with a ton of antioxidants just makes sense.Dean Corbitt