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Cheryl Traxler

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Send Money Instantly and Get Paid Instantly

Getting paid with being an Entrepreneur is vital to have a good payment processor method but needs to be simple to set up so anyone can do it

Home Businesses usually collect the money and pay out to you weekly or monthly.  So you must wait to get paid or if someone cancels you don’t get paid.

I’ve had 50 people upgrade in a couple months but before the next month, they would cancel and then your literally are left with nothing. 

It would be advantageous with the right technology to have a simple app that’s easy to setup and instantly pays who you want.  So you get paid instantly

Now of course you’d need a business that allows you to get paid directly right up front when the sales happen. No refunds bc it’s a digital product then no chance of losing your sale.  Plus small admin fees so it works for everyone.


I like this model bc you get the sale every time 

It’s the perfect solution to getting paid

The money flows directly to you


This app has the following perks:


  • Security locks
  • Encryption
  • Coin Storage
  • Disable Anytime
  • Account Notification
  • Fraud Protection


This company has been around since 2009

has provided payments for millions of businesses

and people all across the world


Each year, ten of billions of dollars are processed 

With rigorous safety practices in mind


You just download the app

Enter your phone number

Enter the code you’ve receive by SMS

Add your bank card

Takes just 10 minutes

Your Up and Ready to Go


So Simple and Everyone Likes Simple


I’m currently setting up a payment processor

but it takes days or more to get it done.


A bit complicated who needs complex when

you don’t have to now


I would suggest going to my website to see

what’s on the cutting edge for your future


I will share the app with you and step by step

photos to easily get setup for you to get paid

Instantly too.


Best Bank App that’s on your Cell Phone
Easy Access and No ATM Fees
Hottest Money App for your Convenience

Get Your Cash App Now


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Cheryl thanks for sharing, continued success.Pauline Burke

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