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Cheryl Traxler

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Get Paid to TEXT join the Work from Home Revolution in 2020

Get Paid to TEXT join the Work from Home Revolution in 2020
See the Hottest New Tech to take your business to the next level

Text ‘video’ to 716.281.4612 

Our texting-emailing textbot saves you time on so many levels
Smart Robotics for your lead generation  

This robot makes sales pays $100 over and over again
Get the smartphone advantage It’s so high tech but simple

You can add keyword for people to learn about anything 
for ALL your businesses with A.V.A. Automated Virtual Assistant

Try the $10 test mode by texting ‘earlybird’ to my number to set up
your membership includes a website and number

You can use this incredible keyword trigger all you want which sends
the exact info to 100’s or more on your behalf and you set it up once.

Talk about saving time !!!

It’s super cool and truly a lead generation tool
everyone WANTS

Sorts, sifts, qualifies those who are truly interested
without wasting any of YOUR time.

YES TEXT’s are READ 97% in the first 2 minutes

Interaction with your prospects on an impact level
to get more results and sales for your Work from Home 

This Artificial Intelligence Robot NEVER sleeps so you
can potential make money 24/7 around the clock


You can text without texting too.  This means you can log into your A.V.A.
backoffice and pause chats with AVA and write your prospects yourself.

ALL without using YOUR cell phone  I so like this feature.

You can best understand A.V.A. By testing it out right now.

TEXT the keyword ‘video’ to 716.281.4612

Listen to the presentation and understand that 
our AVA will know when you do this and continue
to offer assistance all while your sleeping, playing
or on vacation

Here’s What I LIKE Best about this technology

No more emails 
No more endless hours setting up an autoresponder
No more will your team struggle with autoresponders
No more will you pay fees monthly for autoresponders

One Time Cost for AVA
finally a high tech system 
without monthly fees.  

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