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Cheryl Traxler

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Entrepreneurial Lifestyle

Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Is Rich with Beauty


I can pursue my passion anytime - photography of nature

Beautiful Sunset while riding with the loves of my life
without any time restriction is the most wonderful feeling
No hurry ups or gotta be somewhere to stop us

I can just drink in the beautiful gorgeous stunning Sun
setting with streams of reddish-yellow lights shimmering
across the waters

Powerful uplifting of my spirits with these beautiful scenes


The Pelicans fascinate me … They look so incredible with their
huge yellow beaks 
and breathtaking pure white feather.
An amazing sight to behold

This crane with green around the eyes is so sleek
and beautiful to behold

The pinkish tulips are so delicate and painted with the perfect
colors to grab my very soul with joy


The pelican reveals its secret while about to take flight the
black color under wings .. Wow what a awesome sight


I spent all day ceasing these moments of beauty
to capture and cherish (save)
To enjoy and share with others
To Uplift My Heart
To Be Surprised
To Be Inspired
To Love Life

Joy Seeps In
It Makes Me Smile
Creates Happiness
In My very Soul

Nice to be Nourished
With Nature
With Family
Sunshine in my heart
Shines Bright

Thanks for reading
I hope you were inspired today

My purple beauty pasque flower
so rich in colors yet such beautiful contrasts

The deep purple at the tip
Slips down to the delicate yellow
such incredible contrasts
with lavender petals that cup it
green feathering surrounds
with the fine clear-white fuzzies  


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