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Enlarged Prostate Treatment - All Natural


Enlarged Prostate Treatment More than half of Men over 50 have an enlarged prostate


Now for a little history on my health issues prior to starting on the O2 supplement. Almost six years ago, I was in the doctors for my required DOT class one physical, when he told me I was way over due for a Tetanus vaccine. I did not want the shot, and after many questions from me to the doctor, he convinced me to get the shot.

I went straight back to work and picked up a load of cars to go to Caribou, ME. Long story short, within 24 hours I had become very ill, and had a very hard time getting home due to double vision, high fever, and dizziness. I got home and landed on the couch, which is where I stayed for 10 days. Calls to the doctors were a waste of time.

After I started to recover, I called and talked to a nurse friend of mine at the clinic where I got the shot, and found out that I had been given the DPT shot instead of just Tetanus, and I was rather upset. I have never been back to this clinic. Fast forward, I never recovered completely, and continued to have bouts of the above, with it getting worse and lasting longer. Several trips to the hospital, and it was like talking to a 2X6 board. I had a colonoscopy as recommended, and I was just fine. After the colonoscopy, I became very ill, and did not work for 6 months.

By now, I had given up on the traditional medicine, and started looking for a naturopath while I went to the School of Google.

Fast forward again, My new doctor informs me that I am autoimmune; I have a nasty infection from the colonoscopy; Candida; very low testosterone; very low Thyroid; and Lyme disease. I had Lyme when I was younger, and when I went autoimmune, it crept back in.

Fast forward, working with my naturopath we were able to get me back on my feet and feeling well enough to get back to work. I still had a messed up Thyroid and very low Testosterone, along with some other blood abnormalities. In December of 2015, I had another blood draw to see where we were at, and there was no change. At this point, I was still using a bio-identical testosterone, and taking nature thyroid, along with a good food based multi-vitamin.

February of 2016, I found the O2 product, ordered several bottles, and just started taking it. Several weeks later, I went in to see my doctor with the O2 info and a spare bottle of O2. I was feeling better and full of energy, and she could tell. I left a bottle of O2 with her, although she was skeptical. We made no changes to my treatment, other than the O2 three times a day, and agreed to do a new blood draw in late April to see how the O2 would affect my Numbers.

Fast forward, I was in my doctors office on 5/6/16 to go over my latest blood draw. My doctor simply took out the report, and sat down next to me. She said, 'Scott this is unbelievable!' My total Testosterone went from 412 to 1500. Yes you are reading that correctly. Now that is too high, so we are slowly stopping my Testosterone cream. My free Testosterone went from a 4.4 to 25. My Estradiol is of course, too high now, but will come down as we take away the testosterone cream.

Now for even better news... All of my thyroid numbers are better, and we are looking at reducing my Nature-thyroid. We should also note that that my blood work across the board was better, and all in the normal range, with one exception: blood platelet count was still a little low. However, it was up from 118 to 126, again to the better.

At this point, my doctor said, 'I can no longer deny the fact that this O2 works!!!' She started on her O2 last night!

I have attached both blood test, before and after, for anyone to see, as I hope this will convince people how well this product works for many different issues on a cellular level.

Also of note, my wife is using the O2, as she is a colon cancer survivor with one third of colon now missing, or I should say removed. She has also had tremendous results. After one month of use, she had two skin issues just fall off and cleared up. She is full of energy, sleeps better, and no longer snores!!!!! -










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