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Bobby Brown

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“Envision a better world, and then go out and make it! It starts with the flicker of an idea. Or a flash of instinct. The notion that there is something still missing, a space to fill with meaning. Little by little a minor thought becomes a daydream, a plan, a product, a mission—something to pour your entire being into, with hopeful intention that it will connect with others and speak to them, too! To dare to create something new is an admirable act of bravery.” 

I know not everyone wants wellness, but we are not after everybody. We are after the somebody's who care about wellness. Yes, there are just some people who are addicted to their foods and way of life and don’t mind living in pain or causing pain for others. I know they don’t mind submitting themselves to the system when conditions and symptoms become serious. I have known those people. But please realize that is not always a safe zone to retreat to when symptoms arise. It may be better at times to refer to it as a danger zone unless absolutely necessary. Now don’t misunderstand me: we believe in medical intervention, But living with wellness is the most desirable quality of life; managing disease as it arises is not quality living.  To the degree one wants to pursue self-directed wellness, the tools and programs in tele-medicine will soon make that possible. 

Significant breakthroughs in the field of immunology are leading to increased understanding of how to work with the body to fight disease. These are truly exciting times.

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