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The Breathtaking Beauty of Nature. The Magic of Disney.

Outdoor adventure and picturesque scenery will enchant all who embark on an Alaskan cruise aboard your cruise ship... Discover exciting ports featuring prehistoric glaciers, gold-mining relics and eclectic shopping, while enjoying first-rate entertainment and family-friendly recreation on board the ship. 

Set sail from cosmopolitan Vancouver, Canada, and behold the arctic grandeur of Alaska. Travel the unspoiled Inside Passage to historic ports—Skagway, Juneau and Ketchikan—and experience the Last Frontier’s hardy local character firsthand with memorable Port Adventures.

Navigate the breathtaking beauty of Endicott Arm fjord—passing soaring cliffs, cascading waterfalls and wild animals—during a spectacular journey to the majestic Dawes Glacier. 

Take the route less traveled and discover a place known for mammoth glaciers, rugged mountains and abundant wildlife. Cruise through scenic Endicott Arm fjord—located approximately 45 miles south of Juneau, Alaska amid Tongass National Forest—and behold a paradise in sight and sound you never knew existed.

Amid a serene remote wilderness, gaze upon an unspoiled natural world of wonder as you weave your way down the near-frozen waterway. Observe nature raw and beautiful, where immense rock formations, steep valleys and rushing waterfalls open up to frigid sapphire water and glowing blue ice adrift in every direction. At the head of the mighty fjord, the crown jewel beckons: the icy tidewater mass known as Dawes Glacier.

The Dawes Glacier

At over 600 feet tall and a mile wide, Dawes Glacier is a gigantic remnant of an even larger ice block that fashioned Endicott Arm fjord centuries ago. Comprised of 2 enormous glaciers and united by a medial moraine at its center, it’s easy to overlook the fact that the glacier hides 250 feet of ice below the surface of the water. Stand in awe at this mighty beauty and be on the lookout for the process known as calving, where giant chunks of ice break off and spill into the seawater below without warning.

Offering a glimpse into the past, the Dawes Glacier is a reminder of a time long gone, when ice the size of continents swallowed up whole countries during the Ice Ages of the past.

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