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The Beauty Of Puerto Vallarta

In addition to boasting beautiful weather, the Puerto Vallarta – Riviera Nayarit region offers several activities for travelers to participate in. With wellness festivals going on throughout the year and fun restaurants, shops and excursions available, visitors have no problem finding something to enjoy.

Water lovers are especially spoiled with all the watersports and underwater adventures. Whether it’s snorkeling or scuba diving, there’s a lot for people to view once they decide to take a peek under the water’s surface.

For example, the Marieta Islands are a small group of uninhabited islands located a few miles off the coast and are a must-see during a stay in this destination. In addition to snorkeling, this experience offers a unique opportunity to discover Hidden Beach.

Another lovely area for exploring underwater is Los Arcos. On top of all the exotic fish, snorkelers might see damselfish, eels, starfish, sea urchins, giant manta rays and more.

A snorkeling or scuba diving tour is a great way to not only view the marine life in the ocean but also to explore the surrounding areas. Travelers can choose to take a half-day or full-day tour, and some tours even include another type of excursion in addition to water adventures.

When planning a family vacation, Puerto Vallarta is an ideal destination to keep in mind. With several family-friendly all-inclusive resorts and plenty of activities to do, both parents and children of all ages are able to find something they enjoy in this location.

If you’re looking for a memorable activity during the trip, consider checking out the Vallarta Botanical Gardens. Located about 40 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta, this 64-acre botanical garden offers families a chance to reconnect with each other while connecting with nature.

Visiting this attraction is a great way for families to enjoy something both healthy and fun together. During this day trip, people can expect to do a bit of hiking, take in the beautiful flowers, trees and cacti and observe birds and insects, in addition to getting lots of fresh air.

Visitors to the Vallarta Botanical Gardens can dine at La Hacienda de Oro. This restaurant offers an incredible view of the grounds, great service and delicious food.

If a trip to this attraction is on your itinerary, remember to pack insect repellent and wear comfortable shoes for walking.


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There are many wonderful places in the world where people can relax and enjoy a vacation. Puerto Vallarta appears to be a good one.

I think it is fantastic that places like this exist. It gives people choices. Life would be real boring if there were no choices.
Dennis Thorgesen

Nice post about the beauty Of Puerto Vallarta Bobby. People who like to travel should definitely check it out.Bill Darton