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Age-related macular degeneration and Your Health

Age-related macular degeneration (MD) perfectly exemplifies the devastation of oxidative stress on specialized tissues. Highly specialized brain cells are slower to replace themselves and warrant the body’s protection. The brain has mechanRetinal cells (those affected by MD) have rich oxygen demands, and are injured easily by toxins. Tremendous circulatory strength helps to eliminate the products of cellular combustion, which are large. This oxidative stress load (from cellular combustion) can grow as we get older. Age-induced narrowed circulation along with slower cellular metabolism and energy production by the mitochondria compound the problem. It is this uncorrected oxidative exposure that results in macular degeneration.

Blindness from this condition affects millions of Americans, most commonly after the age of 65. Demographic research demonstrates that MD is more prevalent in those who smoke habitually and are frequently exposed to toxins. Studies have shown that consuming a diet rich in lutein (a potent dietary antioxidant-provoking amino acid) helps to decrease risk of MD. Supplementing the body with balanced stabilized REDOX molecules may help prevent and assist in treatment of this condition.

The most promising novel therapeutic strategies now target the correction of REDOX abnormalities in treating asthma. People with asthma have very low levels of endogenous antioxidants like SOD and catalase. The airway tissues are under oxidative stress so massive that inflammation develops through the airways. It is so severe that in ICU’s today doctors measure the amount of REDOX molecules (nitrous oxide) in exhaled air to measure the severity of the case from hour to hour. Genetic factors that cause the expression of antioxidant gene polymorphisms are linked to susceptibility.

The immune system seems to be confused about who is a friend (tissues) and who should it attack, and the endothelium of the airways becomes a target for attack resulting in inflammation. Insufficient cellular communication is a root cause, and, of course, is related to imbalances of REDOX molecules. Supplementing with certain molecules can restore opportunities for the body to balance the molecules and restore homeostasis. Sinus allergies have similar pathways of disease in different tissues.

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