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Take Action as Robert Kiyosaki Gives his View of Network Marketing

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Rich Dad says there are four types of people im the world.

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Take Action Now!  Thanks Tony A. Downs
You will like this one!

Press Release comments:

Great press release! We do want to win right? We want to change the world for the better. We are responsible! Thank you for sharing.Ethel Van Zanten

Interesting info & video, thanks TonyLonnie E. Shipe, M.A.

Free Toolbox works. I'm one of many who are very impressed and there is still a lot of "room to grow". Let's "get the word out".Bill Bateman

Thank-yopu Don Sabelhaus, Ralf Dooley and Dev Brown for your kind remarks and comments.Tony Downs

Yes Tony Robert is one all-time favorite. His insights and contributions cannot be ignored these days. An excellent video too.Devy Brown

Those who have the WILL will also work until they Find a WAY. Funding can hold many back but with this low starting point and one-time out of pocket expense money is no longer an excuse for those who wish to excel.Tony Downs

A great read and outstanding video Tony, great advice for the 4 types of people Robert talks about. SharingDon Sabelhaus

Interesting post about network marketing. Always been a fan of Robert. Have a great dayralf dooley

I have followed this Series for some time and find it interesting and informative too. Good to share Tony.Tom Rippy

Thanks for sharing this video. I too read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and learned a great deal from it. I'll share this post.Julie Klein

Thanks for sharing the video Tony and I will look at your link for the feeder too.Devy Brown