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Beware of the Facebook Myth!

Beware of the Facebook Myth!

Don't Rely on Facebook to get your sites ranked.

  There is a controversy in the use of social media that I find quite intriguing.

Social media moguls or madams seem to think that a free offering like

Facebook has a huge value in getting traffic to their sites.

  Mr. Zuckerberg at Facebook is no billionaire dummy. He knew the value of mining the information from members when he got his first members signed up at Harvard.

  He is not about to turn his gold-mine over to his rivals at Google. He has designed Facebook so it cannot be indexed by Google.

   While the Google-bot can read the
Facebook  script, it has no idea which people Liked it. When
looking at links, for example, Google is able to assign trust to the
links based on who is doing the linking.

  But when it comes to Likes,
Google is unable to assign a similar kind of "score" based on who is
doing the liking because it simply doesn't know.

  Therefore it can't determine that one page may be liked by very influential people while some are just input from "fake" Facebook profiles.

  In testing what shows up at Google they found Facebook Shares 'Inconclusive'

 They had different people share different pages, from all over. The  pages were shared about 10 times each, although some of the shares
were made by fairly high profile people in the industry, Google didn't crawl or index the shared pages.

  So according to Google it never Happened! Kind of a wasted effort.

   What does all this mean to you? Posting on Facebook is social.

   It provides no search traffic to your sites..

     Facebook is not free for nothing!

  When they are using and selling every bit of data they gain from your profile it provides tremendous leverage for their advertising sales.

  If Google tries to use Facebook's influence in their
algorithm, there doesn't seem to be any evidence that Google is using it
to discover, index, or rank any content on the web at this time.

  Facebook is not used for any SEO value to your sites. Posting there is PURELY Social!

  There is no need to
share every new piece of content on Facebook in hopes you rank higher.
Of course, Google even being the Giant that it is, there is no influence by
using Facebook strictly for SEO value.

     My Conclusion

  This doesn't mean that you cannot get benefit from interest in your threads and comments or traffic to some of your links.

  And I'm not trying to discourage people from using Facebook for marketing
purposes, because shares and updates clearly can deliver traffic and

  It's just that being a free social site, the paid advertising revenues are what makes the Zuckerbergs richer.

  Can you continue to market with your replicated sites that thousands of others are using online?  Sure you may but you will never stand out from the Pack without your own Branded url to promote what ever product lines you fancy.

Our Team Elite will get you started with the site of your Dreams

and the Hopes of your Future~

Get the Link Here Don't Rely on facebook to get you Branded

Promoting a company site just gets the company ranked not YOU!

Press Release comments:

Great information on the workings of Facebook. Thank you for sharing with us Tony. Keith Boyd

Mahalo Tony; appreciate the thoughtful post; I believe you're on course with this information; useful content to follow up on; GO HAWKS!!! :-) Douglas Kaapana

Thank you for sharing with us Tony.Lonnie E. Shipe, M.A.

Well, thanks goodness, I make sales almost everyday on Facebook - Thanks Tony !!!Anne Williams

Thanks for sharing the info hope you have a great weekend.dwight davenport

your PR is pretty much on point. Here is a tip. Your blog link is on your Facebook Page. So you can start a post on your page and link it to your blog. Highlight topics that lead to the blog and your followers will click on it. Another way to better SEO to your blog is to put links in your COMMENT SECTION.Landis Marks

Excellent information Tony, I was aware of this as far as no SEO benefit and that replicated sites are useless if someone is trying to gain top positions. Thanks for sharing. Take a look at My Journey On The Path To Seeking The Truth Part 1 pr.Jack Shea

There are so many myths out there. Arm your mind.Brad Wheller

Thank you guys and gals for the comments We must remember to exercise respect for each other in our advertising and blend social media and business well. It will be better for all.Tony Downs

Interesting and informative...thanksRafael Cruz

It's very true, Facebook's agenda (like Google) will never favor the "little guy" because that's not where the money is for them. Thanks for the thoughtful post.Bill Bateman

Interesting information! Thanks for sharing.Stephen Edgecombe

Interesting point! Facebook actually Jails you if you advertise your stuff too much i've heard as well...a way to get people to PAY them for ads instead...thanks for sharingNatalie Apparicio

Interesting point and tips. Thank you for sharing, Tony.Irena Matosevic

I have seen results from Facebook through "shares and updates" delivering traffic and exposure. However I promote my biz only on my business page, not my personal page. I also spend only a couple minutes at a time on FB. I don't waste much time there.Julie Klein

Tony, thanks for sharing this informative PR about Facebook Myth. L&SNichola James

You can get leads and sales from Facebook but it is paid ads that makes them profitable G-mail is the same./ Free to use but they still make money from all of the ads. But that is quite OK I can use it for free.Tony Downs

Paid advertisement is where they make their money. Great information. Thanks for sharing Randy whitehorne

Hi Tony,
Thanks for this great information. A lot of people do not know that Mark Z is actually a Rothschild too.
Cecelia McCarty

Hey Tony Thanks for this great PR, I couldn`t agree with you more.
And Thanks for your comments on my PR`s
Dave shinn

Thank-you all for commenting. The point is that using a replicated affiliate link will not brand you and your business as promoting your Own URL to link to the company page. It is simple and with GDI it is inexpensive to do it yourself.Tony Downs

Great post Tony, thanks for sharing this with us !!michael underwood

If you can get exposure social sites still have great followings I don't promote there for privacy reasons. Because of my job in the public education system I can't risk complications and just do charity and "family only" posting.Devy Brown

Interesting facts we all should be aware of. Thanks for sharing.Deborah Blades

Very interesting information about Facebook. I promote my business in many ways but never on Facebook. MaryAnn Desiano

Thanks for the infoLenworth Nelson

Tony, you're so right. MZ is no fool. Why do you think Facebook asks you for your cell # to verify your account. Hmmmm.... Yes it's FREE, but with lots of strings..... Still plenty of ways to take advantage of it though...Great PR, thanks for sharingChika Nwoko

I was shocked when I googled the topic after hearing a Programer mention that it's "hands Off" by order of Zuckerberg. Prosting to groups strokes the ego and gives FB more information. Does nothing for page rank.Tony Downs

Thank you for confirming my suspicions concerning Facebook and SEO, Tony ! Scott Miller

Great press release. Thank you for sharing Tony.Bob & Shirley Rushing

Interest, important info.Lonnie E. Shipe, M.A.

Even more reason to leave social media platforms for the purposes for which they were intended - social interaction not marketing sales pitches. They are useful for creating relationships and establishing social credibility but you need to do your business communications elsewhere (like IBO :)). Janet Forster

A interesting point of view thanks for sharingRichard Millner

Just Google it! Does Google index facebook posts? YOU WILL SEE the Truth!Devy Brown

Facebook gives you a way to connect with others in a social setting but it will take time away from your work. I try to keep it private for family and close friends.Thanks Tony I had wondered about the marketing I know there a lot of groups that try to promote there.Devy Brown

There are sites with much better uses for your time than wasting too much on facebook. It's draw is from vanity. People are hungry for attention like a child. It strokes their egos. That is it's function.Tony Downs

John has a very salient point. Google has it's own "dog in this hunt". Facebook is not my favorite platform and I still wonder if it's a fad but for now it does have amazing trafficVernon Wallis

I guess it's evident that Google Plus would give better SEO than facebook after all they Own It! Google rank comes from Google not from facebook. That is simple to see.JOHN E BROWN

Great PR! It so very true. Thanks for sharing.Adrienne Williams