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Are You an Aggressive Driver?

Are You an Aggressive Driver? By John Anthony Downs Would you like to see how you can quickly earn Pay-Outs from $100- $3200 By starting with a $25 entry? http://ibourl.com/1kev No monthly Fees or Auto-ship. I know folks don't care what the Gurus involved are making. They want to know if they can make a profit as a beginner. So that is our specialty. http://ibourl.com/1kev The stress of work and family life can produce tension that we often take out in the frustration of traffic. Being aggressive in your driving can get you ticketed and is a danger to yourself and others. I do the safety briefs and OSHA required training at my day-job. My lecture recently I assume was tougher on the males present although I'm sure that women drivers can be aggressive too. My presentation went like this. I Listed types of behavior and did a multiple choice questionnaire. It had a place to circle your answer and line to sign or put your e-mail address. Covering Road-rage and Traffic Courtesy~ Do You...Challenge other drivers? Do You..Block cars trying to pass you? Do You...get angry when a multi-lane highway narrows to one lane in your direction? Do You...brake suddenly to "punish" tail-gaters? Do You ...curse at other drivers? Do You...compete to amuse yourself when you get bored? Do You...Get angry when cut off in traffic? Do You...Block cars trying to change lanes? Do you ...seek a personal encounter with a bad driver? Are You...Impatient at stop lights? Are You...Too impatient to let the engine warm up? Are You ...As a passenger, impatient with the driver? Are You ...Impatient with pedestrians crossing the street? Do Your ...friends,spouse,family or co-workers tell you to calm down? Answer each question A. B. C. or D. A. Often B. Sometimes C. Never D. Always Our service vehicles and company fleet including Management using company cars or their own vehicles for work were in attendance although the signature or e-mail was just their for a tease. They did not have to sign the sheet but were required to sign off that they had attended my lecture. We had fun with it and my delivery of the test as you can imagine. Don't Get stressed trying to Motivate referrals online. We have a system that produces incomes fast and motivates the members with CASH. How about $800 Cycles or $3200 Cycles. You don't have to fill any cycle to get commission. As soon as someone enters your Pay-Line you are paid. And You are paid as each re-entry comes your way. I don't like investments and waiting for payments or having to keep up monthly fees for auto-ship order etc. That is so un-necessary and high entry fees deter many from even considering some high-priced plans. Ours is very affordable for anyone. http://ultimatecycler.com/ref/tonyd it's a simple $25 entry. The Drop-Outs are eliminated as well. How? The money keeps them in! If you keep the plan paying the people will always be staying! I wonder sometimes why people will keep putting money in these $5 ,nickel and dime programs and never get anything out because it takes so many people to fill a huge matrix. Our matrix cycles with six people and most of them are spill-overs. You can also have many cycles going at the same time like we do. The Pay-Out levels are from $100 to $3200. All you have to do is get started for $25 dollars and find your first two members to build a team with. Join our Team Today. We will work for your success! HAPPY MARKETING and Stay Stress-Free my Friends!

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Nice article, Tony! The drivers in my area have really gotten bad! It's tough not to go into road rage! Thanks!Timothy Lee

Just too Blessed to be StressedTony Downs

You have a great style to your post. This cycler program is a good program that I'm involved in too. Keep up the good work.
Bill Bateman

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Keep it in the straight a way Leveraging your income provides residual income with no monthly feesTony Downs

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No I drive carefully!Martina Perry

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Do you have a plan for stress-free marketing?Tony Downs

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There are many ways to relieve Stress. Making Fast Income when you need it is One of the BEST that I know of!Tony Downs

I could not Pass it the first time I took the test either!Tony Downs

Road Rage rangers are an epidemic especially in multi-lane traffic and brake and honk rush-hour snags How can they call it "rush" when all you see for miles is brake-lights?JOHN E BROWN

Tony, thank you for sharing, I shared this for you. Much success.Bessie Mathis

I didn't pass the test the first time but I try to do better nowTony Downs

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I would like to give this test to my 3 children Tony Do you think that they would Pass?Tom Rippy

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Thanks Joe Maciarz, Angela and Curtiss Money Is In the List Here's How to Get it in to your Hand!Tony Downs

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I like your style. Questions in a post are a great tool to open minds and get people to know - like and trust you. $25 is a great low entry point too.Bill Bateman

Great PR! The way we drive our car is the way we travel on our journey. Thanks for sharing.Lori Ann

I do drive a little aggressively when I'm rushing for time. I'll just have to learn to take things easy lest I may end up trashing my car or worse hurting someone. Thanks for sharing, Tony.Louis Teoh

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Thanks for comments and shares my friends God Bless every one of you tooTony Downs

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Beware of stressed out Drivers!Tony Downs

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Good PR and info on driving on the journey of life..Lori Ann

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Take it to the Next Level You don't even need a computer to do this!Tony Downs

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I will say that my driving and patience has grown better after years of rushing I can take it easier and stay out of city trafficJOHN E BROWN