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Phat Sacks Dispensary in Canada Now Offering More Phat Deals and Discounts on Premium Products

Phat Sacks Dispensary is one of the leading suppliers of bud strains, pre rolls, THC concentrates, edibles, treats, vape pens and refills, CBD products, and pet and animal products in Canada. The company always makes it a point to supply its customers with only the best and highest quality selection of products, and today, it makes more customers happy with its Phat deals and discounts as well.     

CANADA, 2019 – With the legalization of bud strains and other similar products in Canada, more companies have sprung up which offer a whole lot of products that cater to the growing number of customers in the country. But among these companies, there is one name which has always stood out, thanks to the quality of its products and its customer service and support: Phat Sacks Dispensary.

Phat Sacks Dispensary boasts of an excellent reputation when it comes to all kinds of products such as bud strains, CBD products, vape pens, treats and edibles, pre rolls, and more, and its focus, which is always on the satisfaction of its customers, has made it a leading enterprise in the industry.

Phat Sacks Dispensary continuously offers great deals to its customers as well, and these deals include free Canada Xpresspost shipping on orders which are $99 and above. But there are many other reasons why Phat Sacks Dispensary makes its customers more than satisfied: it has recently released an updated list of its popular Phat deals, which now include deals on various bud strains. One deal is as much as 49% off on the double-A rated Master Kush Nugs, an Indica strain 1-ounce pack which now goes for only $120, down from $235. Another brilliant deal is for the double-A rated OG Kush, a hybrid 1-ounce pack which is now available for as low as $125, giving customers a hefty 47% discount. Yet another current deal and discount is 21% off for the triple-A rated Blue Dream, a Sativa strain which now goes for only $6.89 to $8.47 per gram, down from $8.75 to $10.00 per gram.

But Phat Sacks Dispensary also has some existing deals on edibles, such as the Canndybis Rockstar Golden Shatter and the Canndybis Sour Amnesia Golden Shatter, which now go for only $40 for a pack and 3 for $100 as well. Those who visit the company’s website can get to know other fantastic deals on other high-quality products.  

 About the company: Phat Sacks Dispensary has become the go-to source of all sorts of products such as bud strains, edibles, THC concentrates, treats, vape pens, refills, and CBD and THC tinctures and other products in Canada. To get the best information on its latest deals and offers, including offers on pre rolls, visit the Phat Sacks Dispensary website.

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