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16 Ways To Recruit More People In Your Network Marketing Business

Are you struggling to recruit people into your network marketing business? Fear not, here are 16 ways to recruit more people into your MLM opportunity.

Create Custom Sales Funnels

Sales funnels provide a hands-off method of recruiting and are used by the top earners in MLM business. Custom lead capture pages attract the interest of prospect, prompting them to input their contact info, then they are led to your company video explaining your opportunity, and lastly they are presented with your opportunity to join. Sales funnels are connected with automated email follow-up systems (aka autoresponders) to continuously follow up with prospects reminding them why they should join. Start creating custom sales funnels for free.

Create Video Content

Video content is becoming increasingly popular as regular content is becoming more cluttered and competitive. Google favors videos and ranks them higher, plus a video stands out more than a photo or article. You can create videos about your MLM business, the products, opportunity, and reasons why people should join with you as their sponsor. For a limited time, you can get a 100% free video ad from Local Visibility Consultants while they BETA test their new video ad program.

Start A Niche Blog

Blogs are still very popular and a great way to get organic visitors from search engines. You can start a niche blog around your products or opportunity and continuously provide relevant content to keep a fresh stream of visitors coming to your blog. Give away a free download, ebook, video series, etc. to grow your list and keep marketing your product or opportunity to them.

Give Away Free Product Samples

Free product samples can be a powerful way to grow your MLM business. This method does require a larger marketing budget than some other methods, but customer acquisition does come with a cost. You can attract some great regular customers with this method. I only recommend if this method if you’re out and about regularly networking with a lot of people. Read my post How Giving Away Free Samples Can Grow Your MLM Business.

Attend Trade Shows To Sell Your Products

You can set up a booth at a trade show relevant to your products and sell them. Make sure to attach your business opportunity card to your products and let people know where to reorder the products (your website). Trade shows can be a great way to meet a lot of people in a short period of time. Make sure your MLM allows you to sell products in this fashion. You can also attend trade shows without setting up a booth to meet people in your industry (for example: CBD trade shows if you’re in CTFO or HempWorx)

Start A Facebook Group

This method requires no investment and can become very profitable if you do it correctly. If you decide to start a Facebook group, make sure to post valuable content on a regular basis rather than just spamming the group with your business opportunity links. You can find people you want to invite to your group in other network marketing groups on Facebook. Just add them as your friends, build a relationship with them, then invite them to your group.


Twitter is another great platform for recruiting new people in your opportunity. Go through and add 50 to 100 people on Twitter who are interested in network marketing, MLM, work from home, etc. and about half will follow you back. Introduce yourself to all your new followers and don’t spam them with your opportunity! Just post regularly on your feed about your personal experience with the products/service your opportunity offers, the benefits of working with you, and how the business has changed your life. Eventually some of your followers will want to join you!

Hand Out Business Cards

When you meet new people, just hand them your business card with your opportunity on it. A lot of people will be curious about what you do and will ask you further questions. Don’t start pitching people when they ask questions, just offer to give them a free sample or invite them to a webinar/conference call etc. if they are interested.


This method does require some upfront investment, but direct mail is a numbers game. About 2 to 3 percent of people will respond to your postcard. So if you send out 100 postcards, 2 or 3 people will likely respond. You don’t need really expensive postcards, but make sure they include your phone number and personal domain (NOT an affiliate link). You can purchase MLM leads online with their addresses. You will also have to pay postage, which is $.35 per postcard stamp.

Press Releases

Although they sound old-school press releases do work. They can rank in Google and generate you leads for years to come. IBO Toolbox is my favorite spot to post free press releases because they do rank in search engines and get viewed by IBO Toolbox members (thousands of network marketers use IBO Toolbox). You don’t need to write a bunch of paragraphs.. just a minimum of 400 words about your opportunity, products, how you will help your team, etc.

Business Networking Events

If you live in or nearby a city, there are probably many business network events taking place on a monthly basis. These places are a great way to meet new people who are already professionals and grow your network marketing business. Bring some samples with business cards in case you meet someone who is interested in your business. Don’t cold-pitch random people, though, it’s important to build relationships first.

Purchase MLM Leads

If you want to start recruiting people quickly, you may want to purchase MLM leads. There are thousands of people looking for income opportunities every day and filling out forms online requesting info. The Conversion Pros actually sells very affordable business opportunity-seeker leads (US-based only) at very affordable prices. They also teach you exactly how to “work” the leads – what to say and how to control the conversation. Join The Conversion Pros for free.

Join Business Networking Sites

Business network sites can be very lucrative if you brand yourself and remain active on the site. In my personal experience, I’ve had the best results with IBO Toolbox. It’s free and offers many tools to help you grow your business including press releases, free advertising, business training, and much more. Also read my post 5 Best Social Media Platforms for MLM Recruiting & Networking.

Traffic Exchanges

This method works well only if you have a custom lead capture page. With traffic exchanges, you have to view other people’s website in order for them to view yours. It’s a free method of generating leads and can be very effective if you use right traffic exchanges (ones with real visitors). TE Hooplais a reputable source for listing the top traffic exchanges each month. They test traffic exchanges and provide unbiased rankings. Since your page is only displayed for a few seconds, you must capture people’s attention quickly.. thus the reason you must use lead capture pages to promote your business opportunity.

Buy Solo Ads

Solo ads are basically when you pay to send out an email to an established list in your targeted niche. There are thousands of solo ad providers available, but they aren’t created equal. The best solo ad providers are often listed at UDimi, a marketplace for solo ad providers. Here you can see which providers have the highest rankings and deliver the most sales. Sign up at Udimi now and get $5 off your first solo ad. As with traffic exchanges, it’s wise to promote a lead capture page ONLY so that you can build your list and continue promoting your opportunity to your leads over and over again. Solo ads can be expensive, so choose wisely.

Classified Ads

This method of recruiting will require an upfront investment, but it can pay off overtime. I suggest starting out small with local classified ads, maybe only purchase a few weeks of advertising. Make sure to use a lead capture page to collect your leads’ phone numbers and email addresses. People still do read classifieds, so this method does work for recruiting.


Recruiting Best Practices:

  • Always call your leads ASAP to introduce yourself. Read my post So You Got A Lead… Now What?
  • TEST, TEST, and TEST .. this is the trick to succeeding in marketing. Keep track of your results with each advertising source and kill ones that do not produce results, invest more into the ones that deliver results. You must test if you want to be successful and not waste a ton of money.
  • Consistency is required for success. Never underestimate the power of focus.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed with too many recruiting methods… just stick with a few that work for YOU.
  • Simple is better and leads to more fruitful results. Once you complicate anything, it becomes a burden and stress. KISS = Keep It Stupid Simple.

Do you have any specific ways you use to recruit people into your business? Comment below!

Press Release comments:

These are all great ways to meet new people and have dialogues with others. When you mentioned press releases it a lightbulb for me. I did not know there were so powerful!Lawrence Bergfeld