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My Top 6 Recommended Free List Building Sites

Building a list from scratch can be a daunting task. There are so many factors to consider like which autoresponder to use, what kind of lead magnet (free giveaway) should you create to entice new subscribers, how to create an opt-in form, and more. Fortunately, there are free list building sites that allow you to start building a list without worrying about the factors above. The new members you refer simply go on your list, allowing you to mail them with your new offers. 

Below are my top 6 free list builder sites:


Real Viral Traffic at vTrafficRush.com!
VTrafficRush is one of the best free viral list building sites I've ever seen. As a free member you can email your direct referrals, but the real potential happens when you upgrade (just $20 one-time). Upgraded members can mass email 6 levels of downline with one click. Both free and upgraded members can also earn 25% to 50% commissions from referral upgrades. Join for free

30 Minute List

30 Minute List is one of the most unique list building sites I've seen. As a free member, you can connect your existing autoresponder (most will integrate), allowing you to build your own list. Here's the kicker - your first four referrals will go on your sponsor's list instead of yours. This means whenever your personal referrals promote 30 Minute List, all of their first four referrals will go onto YOUR LIST. This viral method rapidly builds your list, but you have to currently have an existing autoresponder for it to work. Join for free

My Instant List Builder

My Instant List Builder is very similar to 30 Minute List in that you can integrate your own autoresponder. The main difference it that every person you refer goes onto your own list, so there isn't any viral effect. I still highly recommend this site because it allows you to build your own list by simply promoting the site, which is free to join. Plus, they pay instant commissions to your Payza account. Join for free

Leads Leap

Leads Leap allows you to reach 10 levels of downline without being obtrusive. This means you can effectively reach tens of thousands of people with your message. Leads Leaps uses effective ad-like messages that display to your downline members in their own member's area. Join Leads Leap

My Traffic Multiplied

My Traffic Multiplied already has over 8,000 members, so it's great for advertising in addition to list-building. It also allows you to simply add your autoresponder code, allowing your fifth referral and beyond to join your own list. It's very similar to 30 Minute List with the viral list-building effect. All new members also get $200 in free advertising upon joining. Join for free


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