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5 Highest Paying Careers That Don't Require A College Degree

A lack of degree doesn't mean your options are limited anymore. There are many opportunities for college dropouts and individuals who have never attended college. Below are five high-paying careers that do not require a college degree:

Web Developer

The web development career field is thriving and full of opportunities to earn a great annual income without any college degree. Full Stack, Front-End, Back-End, and Javascript Developers often earn over $50K per year. Most high-paid developers start out as junior developers and then work up into higher-paid positions. However, no college degree is necessary; anyone can learn to become a web developer. Online learning platforms such as UDemy offer complete web developer courses that teach how to built HTML-based mobile apps, websites, and become proficient with databases and servers.


eCommerce Business

The eCommerce industry is booming and online stores are popping up every minute. Owning an eCommerce store is easier than ever thanks to newer, more intuitive software platforms with built-in integrations. You don't even need your own product to start an eCommerce store thanks to dropshipping. The sky is the limit with this industry as many online stores are generating tens of thousands of dollars and more in monthly revenue.



If you're very skilled at a particular niche, consider a consulting career. Many consultants earn over $200 per hour, some even thousands of dollars per hour. The coaching industry is unregulated and virtually anyone can become a coach these days; therefore personal integrity is very important for building a successful coaching career. Coaches can specialize in many different industries including wellness, business, career, etc. Many coaches teach group sessions or package their sessions into online courses, earning six-figure annual incomes. There are many online coaching courses to prepare you for a career in coaching.


Freelance Writing/Copywriting

Freelancers don't always earn a decent living, but they can if they're able to establish relationships with clients who understand the value of their services. A career as a freelance copywriter doesn't require any degree and can generate thousands in monthly revenue. Copywriters seeking careers at ad agencies often must have a degree, however. Freelance writers can specialize in blogging, eCommerce, sales letter (very lucrative), direct mail, fundraising letters, etc. and earn a very decent living while working from home or anywhere they choose.



Certain supervisory positions pay very generous annual salaries without requiring any college degree. Correctional Office Supervisors, Construction Worker Supervisors, and Mail Superintendents all usually get paid over $50k per year without requiring a degree. These positions often require you have prior work experience in the industry, though, so you may have to start at a lower-paid position and establish your reputation in the company before getting promoted to a supervisory position that pays over $50k per year.


These are just a few jobs that pay over $50,000 per year without requiring any college degree. Just remember there are always options available and never let a lack of college degree make you feel that you're not good enough to achieve your goals in life.

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I have often heard it said you can be anything or do anything you want today without any college. In every case though it does take a willingness to learn and be teachable.Dennis Thorgesen