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4 Fast Ways To Earn Money Online Without Recruiting or Marketing

The internet is full of programs and opportunity that allow you to earn money by referring new members, but that all includes marketing. If you want to earn fast money online without recruiting or marketing, there are some other options available. It’s okay if you don’t want to become an affiliate, learn internet marketing, or recruit people into a network marketing company.

Here are some ways to earn fast money online without having to wait months or years to become successful.


Become a Professional Freelancer

Individuals with skills such as web design, copywriting, proofreading, graphic design, customer service, etc. can signup at sites like Upwork, Guru, and Fiverr and start earning money as a professional freelancer. Business owners are always looking for freelancers to help them out with all sorts of tasks. You can choose your hourly rate and have business owners come to you, or submit bids to work on posted projects. There is really no limit to how much you can earn… it all depends on how much time you want to work and how many projects you land. The competition at these freelancing sites is pretty high, though.


Take Surveys & Complete Offers

This method pays very little, but you can earn fast cash for doing simple tasks that don’t require any talent, skills, or creativity. There are legitimate sites like Treasure Trooper, Cash Crate, Paid Viewpoint, and Inbox Dollars that will pay you a couple bucks to complete surveys and offers shopping online, and clicking ads. I guess if you really spend hours at these sites, you could earn $10 per day. These kinds of sites are really just for earning a little extra money each month. There are much better ways to use your energy to earn money online, but I wanted to include them for those who are really desperate for fast money. All these sites are free to join.


Review New Music

If you don’t mind listening to and reviewing new songs, you could earn a couple extra bucks each day with Slice The Pie. This site has been around for nearly 10 years, paying out cash to members for years. The amount you earn per song you review actually depends on the quality of your reviews and your rank. The better quality your reviews, the better your rank and thus more money you’ll earn per review. Sometimes they have certain days when they pay even more per review. Slice the Pie is free to join and pays via Paypal.


My #1 recommended way to earn money online without recruiting or marketing is to become a self-employed virtual assistant.

As a self-employed virtual assistant, you can specialize in a specific skill and become a specialist. As a specialist, you can earn more money than just being a general virtual assistant. I recommend finding your clients outside of freelance sites so that you don’t have to compete with other freelancers over projects. Read my full post on how to become a virtual assistant.


Although you will earn fast cash with these methods above, they do not pay passive income. You will always have to keep working to keep earning more money. Here’s my recommended online income opportunities for earning passive income and bigger pay than any of these methods above.


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