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5 Best Social Media Platforms For MLM Recruiting & Networking

If you want to generate leads organically to your network marketing business, social media marketing is a great option. The disadvantage to use social media platforms for MLM lead generation is that these platforms are always changing, so you have to use cutting-edge techniques to get ahead of the game. But, fear not; I’ve included some great resources here from successful network marketing leaders.

The great thing about recruiting on social media is that you have millions of people at your fingertips. If you learn how to use the correct strategies to attract leads, you can generate a steady flow of prospects to your opportunity on autopilot.

Here are the 5 best social media platforms for MLM recruiting and networking:


IBO Toolbox

IBO Toolbox is an absolute gem when you want to connect with business owners from around the world. This social platform is also free to join and offers a wide variety of features include free daily advertising credits, press release tool, personal branding profile, and so much more. You can connect with other network marketing professionals and share you own opportunity with the entire database of users via several advertising methods. You can run your ads on the various platforms owned by IBO Toolbox as well (offered in your member’s area).



Facebook is one of the most useful social networking sites for mlm recruiting. It’s free to use and you have billions of active users looking for opportunities. You can create your own group, join existing groups, and build connections via instant messenger with people all over the world. Read 4 Ways To Effectively Use Facebook To Build Your Network Marketing Business by Nate Leung.


IM Faceplate

At IM Faceplate, you can network with thousands of business owners and network marketers from all over the world for free. This site is great for branding, creating content, and networking with business professionals. You can publish articles, create your own personal blog, share videos, start discussions, and more more.



Don’t underestimate the power of video marketing with your network marketing prospecting. Youtube is a major search engine itself with millions of daily users who are searching for new opportunities. Network marketing professionals are using Youtube videos to generate a fresh supply of leads on-demand. Read Youtube Marketing Tips To Grow Your Network Marketing Business by millionaire Darin Kidd



Millions of people use Pinterest each day to discover new content, products to purchase, and opportunities to join. Images are very powerful in marketing, making this free social platform a very powerful form of advertising. You can build a large following by just spending 10 minutes a day on Pinterest. Read Erik Christian Johnson’s post Using Pinterest For Your Network Marketing Business.


If you’re struggling in your MLM business, click here to get free training and learn how to become a top earner in your network marketing company.

Which social media platforms do you use to recruit people into your network marketing opportunity?

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