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Top 10 Reasons Why Chew The Fat Off Is the Best Free MLM Business

Although free business opportunities are pretty rare, Chew The Fat Off is one of the few that I can honestly recommend. Yes, the name "Chew The Fat Off" is kinda silly, but this business opportunity is no laughing matter. It's a true, turn-key opportunity that is paying average people every week. 

Here are my top 10 reasons by why CTFO is the best free MLM business opportunity currently available:

1. The CEO, Stuart Finger, has many years of MLM experience and is dedicated to CTFO's success. He is very engaged in the weekly training meetings and uses the products himself. 

2. CTFO is really free to join and free members can earn 20% commissions and residual income. 

3. CTFO pays every Wednesday, most companies pay monthly or bi-weekly. 

4. They offer high-quality lead capture pages already set up with six months of automatic email follow-ups AT NO COST. 

5. You can purchase paid visitors through CTFO that will be sent directly to your CTFO lead capture page, allowing you to build your business without recruiting. 

6. Their products are natural, delicious, and effective at helping people lose weight, gain energy, and become healthier. 

7. They never push you into any upgrade or higher membership. Just simply purchase a qualifying product if you want to participate in The Power of 3. 

8. They have a patented pay plan unlike any other company. The Power of 3 pays seven levels deep and is easily duplicatable, making it simple for everyone to succeed. You only need to find three people to make this pay plan work. 

9. CTFO is always testing, analyzing, and improving their marketing materials to provide their members with the best lead capture pages and other tools to help promote success. 

10. CTFO's customer service is really great and helpful. 

As you can see, CTFO is truly the best zero-cost MLM business opportunity on the web. The only downside is it's only available to United States and Canada. Hopefully they will expand internationally soon. 


Click here to learn more about CTFO and see if CTFO is a good fit for you. 


Press Release comments:

Thank April for sharing the important benefits of CTFO and their interesting payplan in your PR. Have a nice day!Jessmond Tenio