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April Dowling

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So You Got A New Lead… Now What?

It’s a great feeling to receive notification that you’ve received a new lead, especially if you’re new to network marketing.

But, a lead is just a lead, and you really don’t know the interest level of the lead until you call them. Yes, that is the first thing you should do – call the lead ASAP.

You may think it’s best to wait a few days, but actually that’s a big mistake because a lot of people are filling out many forms online requesting information about joining an online opportunity. By the time you call that lead, they may have totally forgotten about your opportunity or, even worse, joined another opportunity already. Some people move quickly, and if someone else calls them before you do, it’s game over for you.

So, call the lead ASAP.

You want to be brief. Do not invest a lot of time into a lead UNLESS they have shown they are serious about working with you. Otherwise, you will waste HOURS talking to people who may not even join your business. It’s a big waste of precious time you could be spending with people who are serious.

All you want to do on the first call is introduce yourself, let them know they filled out a form on your website, and ask if you can email them an overview of your opportunity. Or you could invite them to a conference call.

Do not get trapped into a long conversation about your MLM opportunity, products, compensation plan, etc. That can be the kiss of death if you’re inexperienced in the industry or your opportunity.

Keep it brief. Like I mentioned, at this stage, this lead is merely looking for an opportunity. They haven’t committed to your opportunity yet. They haven’t bought any products. They’re just looking at this point. Do not waste more than 15 minutes of your time talking to this person. It’s like speed dating.. you wouldn’t tell your entire life story to someone on the first date. You wouldn’t put all your cards on the table with a complete stranger.

After you invite them to the overview video or conference call, you also want to schedule a follow-up call so you can answer any questions they have after watching the video or listening to the call. If you’re a newbie, it’s best to have your sponsor or team leader on the phone with you to help answer questions.

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