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How To Promote CTFO & Grow A Huge Team of Associates

If you’ve recently joined CTFO, you’re probably really excited to start sharing the products and opportunity with others. Oh yeah, and GET PAID. If you’re fortunate to have a great sponsor who has taken the time to help you get started with the business, then you probably have a good understand how to get promote your CTFO business and grow your downline. 

But for those of you have just signed up and have not heard from your sponsor and have no clue how to grow your CTFO business, I made this post to help you prosper in your CTFO business regardless of who you signed up under. 

If you not a member of CTFO yet and would like to join my team, become an associate here

The first thing to understand is the power of duplication. You want to be able to have your team easily duplicate your marketing efforts, thus creating a very lucrative business for everyone. After all, we should all want our entire downlines to succeed. The more successful your team, the more money you’ll earn through passive income. 

The big question is… HOW do you market your business and create a plan for your team to follow?


Here are 5 keys to building a huge CTFO downline:


#1: Promote a custom lead capture page instead of your free CTFO website

Instead of promoting the free CTFO website that 99% of associates are using, you need to think like a six-figure earner. The top network marketers are not promoting the same corporate website as everyone else. They are using custom lead capture pages (like this one) to generate curiosity in people, prompting them to put in their contact details. Curiosity is KEY.. you don’t want to reveal your CTFO website until they put in their contact info. 

Your CTFO website doesn’t have a way to capture pages who see your opportunity. That means if someone who is slightly interested sees your website and doesn’t sign up immediately, they are likely gone forever. Most people need to see an opportunity 7 to 9 times before they join. That’s why you see commercials and hear the same radio ads over and over again. Only a small percentage of people take any action on the first exposure.  This is why it’s so important to capture your leads immediately using lead capture pages. I share with you where to create these pages at the end of this post.  By the way, I can even set these pages up for you!

Here are some examples of lead capture pages I can make for you, to help you promote CTFO:

Example One

Example Two


#2: Use an autoresponder to follow-up with leads automatically

Like I mentioned above, most leads require several follow-ups before they will join you. If you’re not familiar with autoresponders, they are basically a series of email messages that get sent to your leads automatically, doing the selling for you. As the saying goes, “the fortune is in the follow up”. Email marketing is the key behind many internet marketers building fortunes online. They simply understand the importance of following up with their subscribers until they purchase their products or services. It’s no different with CTFO, you want to follow up with your leads several times after they give you their contact info via the lead capture page (above). 

I use a system called The Conversion Pros to create my team’s CTFO lead capture pages and autoresponder messages.  While most autoresponders charge you depending on your number of subscribers/leads, The Conversion Pros allows UNLIMITED subscribers and autoresponders for a flat $50 per month. You can easily share your CTFO lead capture pages and autoresponder with your team, allowing your entire team to duplicate your marketing efforts.

*Learn more about The Conversion Pros at the end of this post


#3: Use quality content to establish yourself as an authority 

If you want to generate quality leads yourself, then content is KEY. You can choose a niche related to CTFO such as weight loss, pet care, anti-aging, etc. and write about how CTFO products can help you solve these problems. Or you can write about CTFO’s opportunity and how to earn money with the free business opportunity. The point is to create consistent content and link it to your personal CTFO website or lead capture page. Using this content method will cause you to generate leads for years to come, as long as your articles or videos remain online. The Conversion Pros gives you a free WordPress blog included in your membership. 


#4: Get a fresh supply of HOT leads

If you don’t have time to create content and just want to build your business fast, then I recommend purchasing leads directly from The Conversion Pros. These leads are people who recently responded to an ad about earning money online. The Conversion Pros put out ads in newspapers, magazines, etc. and all the people who respond to the ads have expressed interest in working from home or starting an online business. These leads are sold once- to you only. They are prices very affordably – starting at $44 for 50 leads. You can even have the leads sent directly onto your CTFO email series. It’s best to call the leads ASAP to introduce yourself and invite them to the CTFO weekly live conference calls.  


#5: Be a caring leader for your team 

It’s essential you become a true leader if you want to succeed in CTFO.  Part of being a leader is calling all of your new leads and associates to introduce yourself and invite them to the Tuesday night live conference call. This call will do the selling for you! You don’t need to convince anyone to purchase products or do anything. Just let each team member know that you are there to help and support them along the way. Everything you do to get associates should be duplicatable for your entire team. The Conversion Pros actually provides share codes for all the lead capture pages and autoresponders, so your team can use all the marketing tools as you. 


As you can see, I use The Conversion Pros for ALL of my CTFO marketing. Here’s what you get as a member:

  • Unlimited custom lead capture pages
  • Unlimited email autoresponders (and messages)
  • Email broadcaster
  • Text broadcaster 
  • Unlimited leads/subscribers
  • Discounted business opportunity-seeker leads (started at $44 for 50 leads)
  • WordPress blog
  • Mobile website creator
  • Tons of video training on how to speak with leads from a top MLM earner
  • and more!

You can try the system completely FREE (no credit card required) for 7 days. If you want to keep the system after the trial, you only have to pay $50 per month. There is no contract. 

They also have an affiliate program for members where you will earn 50% of your referrals’ memberships ($25 per month) every month they remain a member. This means you can be earning another stream of passive income along with CTFO by just referring you new team members to the system, which will help them build their CTFO business! There are NO limits to how much you can earn.. some members are earning thousands per week just by promoting this system. 

You can give away the 7-day free trial to all your team members, as well.

I really hope you’ve found these tips helpful when growing your CTFO team. If you have any questions, please contact me directly at earnwithapril33@gmail.com.

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