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How Giving Away Free Samples Can Grow Your MLM Business

If you’re part of an MLM that offers products of any sort, you may want to consider using free samples as a way to grow your MLM business.

There are some MLM companies that actually allow their members to purchase pre-packaged samples to give away to new recruits.

The power of giving away free samples shouldn’t be underestimated. People love free samples. If your product blows their mind, they may not hesitate to jump on an auto-shipment plan to receive your product every month. This especially true with specialty or hard-to-find products like CBD oils, where you can’t just go down to the store and purchase them.

There is an overhead to sampling and you may lose money. That’s the price of customer acquisition, though. Some people are just freebie seekers and never will purchase your products. They just want try to free stuff. You will lose money on those people. The others who do see the benefits of your products and purchase on a monthly basis can result in monthly passive residual income for you.

The trick is to attach a business card, brochure, or post card to every sample package you give away to ensure people know exactly how to order the products. It will also help to instill the benefits of the product in their minds as they are trying the product. The last thing you want to do is give away free samples without any material on how to order or contact you to order.

You also want to follow up with every person you give a sample to within a few days to get their feedback on the product sample and find out if they want to order. Don’t assume people aren’t interested or do not like the product if they don’t get back to you. Most people will forget they even tried the product unless it was so life-changing they couldn’t stop thinking about it!

And, as always, make sure you are putting a link to your custom lead capture page on your post cards, brochures, and business cards to get people on your email contact list to follow up with them about your product or opportunity in the future. That is how the top MLM earners are making fortunes. Learn how to become a top mlm earner for free.


Disclaimer: This list contains affiliate links, so I may receive compensation if you decide to join the programs on this list. I only recommend sites that I personally use and trust.

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