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April Dowling

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Ebates Payment Proof - $85 in Free Cash

Today I woke up to a decent payment from Ebates for $85 in my email. I am posting this  payment proof to show people who are new to Ebates and maybe skeptical about the site realize that it's legitimate and paying members.

I've been a member of Ebates for several years and have long since realized it's THE easiest way to earn money online. In my opinion, Ebates is the best cashback site on the internet. All you have to do it activate your Ebates toolbar while you're shopping and wait for cashback to credit.

The only thing you have to remember is to active the Ebates toolbar EVERY time you shop online. I really regret forgetting to active it when I'm done making an online purchase!

Here's an example of how much you can earn time you shop online. This varies depending on how much cashback is offered at the particular store you're shopping at.

ebates payment proof

Here is my latest payment of $85 from Ebates. It was a higher than usual because I moved recently and bought a lot of items for my house. But you can see how much you can earn if you have a large purchase like furniture or electronics.

ebates payment proof

This is the most I've ever earned by Ebates so far, and it's basically free money in your pocket. Who doesn't love to get paid to shop online?

You can get cashback on travel, gift cards, restaurants, major retailers, and even in-store purchases. Ebates will also pay you to refer new members!

Ebates pays out every three months via Paypal and check. You must have a minimum of $5 in your account to get paid.

Join Ebates now for free!

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Affiliate disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Ebates and will earn a commission from Ebates if you become a member and shop online. 



Press Release comments:

Thank you for sharing your commission statement. I have been wondering if E-bates was really worth using. Now I know.Rebecca Coppersmith