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Success in Affiliate Marketing - the Criticality of Keeping a Log of Your Progress

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Are keeping track of your progress one of your daily tasks? If not, how do you measure your progress towards your goals?

Like in every major project, you need to keep track of your progress and expenditures. Digital marketing is no different. Rememeber , you are an individual trying to do business with a lot different tasks to accomplish in a limited frame of time.

To achieve success in affiliate marketing and your business, the criticality of keeping a log of your progress is crucial.

Without a plan and without a tool to measure achievements and progress you are preparing yourself for failure.

My Methods of Keeping a Journal

I have tried out several ways to keep track of what I am doing. I have have always come back to the one thing that works great for me, and to me these two tools beats everything that is out there;

My pencil and my trusted notebook! 

I am always doing my best work, with pencil and paper. I do not know why it is like that, but it is. I always have my pencil and notebook with me. If I have written something on another notebook or on a piece of paper, the page from the other notebook or the piece of paper goes into my trusted notebook.

How do I take notes? I use a bulleted list or my favourite, which is mind-mapping. I also use colored tabs to separate the days in my notebook. At the end of the day, one of the last things I do  before going ot sleep, is to note down what I have achieved duirng the day, a summary if you like.

This last part is always rewarding. It shows me that I have made progres on one or several areas of my business. Great medicine for a good night sleep.

Digital Journals

I must admit that I am unfaithful to my trusted notebook. The task of finding back to earlier notes can be an almost invincible task at times. To help me in this, I have landed on two products that suits me fine, and that is Microsoft ToDo list and Microsoft OneNote. I transfer the essence of my notes in my notebook to OneNote and the ToDo list.

One tool I want for Chrsitmas this year to help me in this process, is the reMarkable tablet that transfers your notes to digital ones as you write, i.e. digital paper. I will see if Santa thinks I have been a good person this year.

Some Final Thoughts

Keeping track of what you do should be on your daily task list. It is not difficult and can be completed within quite a short time. I use all in all about 15 to 20 minutes in total.

A log will show you how you spend your time according to your daily, weekly, monhtly and yearly plan. It will show you where you need to adjust your focus.

Also try to write down where you become distracted by other stuff than your business. By doing that, you will get a more effective work session.

Have a great day!

Press Release comments:

Certainly always a good thing to refer back and see what was done on a certain day....I'm with ya on that one. That's why bigger companies require their employees to document what they do, how they solve an issue. Did that for many years, good thoughts thank you.Francis Cassady