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Fire Your Sponsor!

You joined a business opportunity. You are promoting links and spamming all over the place. No one wants to see your business opportunity. And you act as though you are surprised this is happening to you. Here is what you REALLY need to work on.

  • Buy or build a highly targeted traffic source. The cost will be high either way, whether you build a social media platform or buy solo ads. Whatever method you use WILL NOT be FREE.
  • Maybe #2 should have been #1: Build yourself. Yes, build you. If you have no character and don’t know anything, then you cannot feed anyone’s mind. And you will not have the discipline to stick with any perspective, concept or procedure.
  • Have someone close all your sells for you 24/7. This includes a live monitor…a real person who can be seen and communicate 24 hours per day/7days per week.

If your sponsor cannot either show you how, or do the above for you, then get rid of your sponsor. Too many people make the mistake of joining a business opportunity without investigating their sponsor first. So my message to you is “BEWARE of links”. If you click and sign up, you may be stuck with a dead beat or someone who does not have a clue.

Before signing up under anyone, perform the following steps first:

  • Find out who the link belongs to.
  • Hold a live conference with the person via Zoom, Skype, etc.
  • Interview him/her on the above steps…1,2,and 3.

If you don’t perform the above steps before joining a business opportunity, and you are not making any money, don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

P.S. During your live interview, tell your, would be, sponsor to share his/her screen and show you proof of income. I know this sounds harsh to some, but if you are no good to your team, then why are you creating a team?

Join my Facebook Group of more than 100,000 members. See https://www.facebook.com/groups/NetworkMarketing101/ . But let me warn you…there are many spam bots and post jackers there. If you want to promote your business in peace, then go to my social media platform: https://affiliatemarketer.club/ . It is almost identical to Facebook, but without all the “posting” and “friending” restrictions. We don’t allow spamming and post jacking.

If you are radical for success, then leave a comment.

Press Release comments:

Congrats on your FMOTD Anton!!! You make some valid points in your article for there are a lot of typical marketers in the home business space and although many are money motivated they still need to ask themselves are they willing to do what it take to earn their desired income? Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!!Spencer Taylor Jr

Happy Featured Member day Anton - well done! No chance of you getting fired my son, it's promotion for you all the way to the top. Enjoy the view, have fun!!Tom Riach

Anton Congratulation to be FMOTD!Go to the TOP MY FRIEND!Aziz Basry

Awesome Press Release Anton Grantham and you are on point with your tips but, as for me I didn't join my sponsor I join a Buz-ness; Lol! Congrats on being Featured Member Of The Day, Go IBO! :DQUEENHAJAR AKANQI

Having a sponsor who doesn't know anything is a very bad mistake. Taking the time to find a sponsor who is able to answer questions is the right way to go. Thanks for pointing out how important that is. And congratulations on your being named Featured Member today, Anton!John Kespert

Back top for today's top man Anton - hope you have a good head for heights! :-)Tom Riach