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Adrian Deacon

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Global Moneyline

Global Moneyline is a consistent growing email list of contacts all looking for an online business opportunity thats why i joined over 2 years ago now and now i have an ever growing email list of over 275 thousand people and it just keeps growing daily 200 to 400 free leads a day from all over the globe.

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Webtalk New Social Media.

Webtalk Is a New Social Network that i'm pretty certain will take over from facebook in the future great for keeping your professional contacts away from your personal ones go check out and see what you think.

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The Free Lead System..

Free Lead System Forever is part of Power Lead System which is a program that provides you with marketing tools and training. Pretty much everything anyone could ever need to market online is found in Power Lead System. Power Lead System even does live trainings multiple times a week teaching you how to become a more effective marketer and how to maximize your results when using Power Lead System.

The only thing you have to do is share your link and the system will go to work on your behalf without you ever having to create a capture page, sales page or write email copy. Everything is very professionally done and designed to get you leads and sales.

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Lead Lightning..

How to Earn Unlimited $6 Commissions: Lead Lightning Success Tips

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We want to create a safe, fair and sustainable world. By inviting your friends, you help bUnited become the biggest customer of most companies. Companies want to please their biggest customers and do whatever is required to keep them happy.

To get in business with bUnited, we require companies to:

immediately fund at least one climate change initiative; saving the rainforests or planting trees
make their operations more sustainable

1. Reduce Climate Change Now

bUnited requires companies to immediately fund one of our climate change initiatives, whenever they make a sale to a bUnited member. Companies pay us to support global impact programs, including planting trees and saving rainforests. In addition, many companies will also do programs to clean our oceans, provide food to the hungry, and give healthcare where most needed. Example: bUnited, with one of its partner companies, Deutsche Telekom, saved over 1,000,000 square meters of Amazon rainforest in 2018.

Save the Rainforests
Our goal: save 1 billion square meters of Amazon rainforest per year.
We support Rainforest Foundation to save the Amazon Rainforest. They work with local communities to negotiate substantial rainforest land purchases and to make sure the rainforest is respected as a permanent resource.

Plant Trees
Our goal: plant 1 million trees per year.
We support The Nature Conservancy to plant trees and offset carbon pollution. Not only do trees absorb CO2, but they also store it in the wood, keeping it out of the air we breathe.

Additional Programs
Some partner companies do additional programs. bUnited also supports the following NGO programs. As we grow, we will add more programs.

Clean Plastic from the Oceans
Our goal: remove 1 million kg of plastic from the oceans
We support The Ocean Cleanup project to remove plastics from the oceans. This is another urgent environmental need that will reduce the amount of plastic that is polluting, poisoning, and killing our fish and other marine life.

Provide Clean Drinking Water
Our goal: give 1 million families clean water every week.
We support The Water Project to provide clean drinking water to families in need in Africa, Asia or South America to prevent diseases from contaminated water.

Serve Meals
Our goal: feed one million children every week.
We support Feeding Children Everywhere to give free meals for children in need. We believe this way we can do our contribution to reduce the number of children worldwide that are starving or suffering from severe malnutrition.

Provide Healthcare
Our goal: vaccinate 1 million children per month.
We support UNICEF to provide medical aid to kids. Our current program gives free life-saving vaccines to protect children that do not have access to medical aid, giving them the best chance at living a healthy life.

2. Make Companies More Sustainable

As bUnited grows, it uses its size to work with its partner companies to adopt more fair and sustainable business practices and to get their suppliers and sub-suppliers to do the same. We will be requiring serious operational changes to fight climate change at the corporate level. Companies will want to do this to keep ‘us’, their biggest customer, happy and buying more from them. The bigger bUnited gets, the more powerful our economic ‘voice’ becomes with all major companies. As the largest customer, we can demand (and reward) companies for changes that our politicians and company shareholders are not demanding.

The bUnited Plan
Make our Planet More Sustainable

bUnited Will Change Everything

We call it the Consumer Revolution.

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