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Todd Treharne

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Notes From The Universe

Notes From The Universe

Hi my friends,

Do you get Notes From The Universe?

I have a wonderful recommendation for you today.

A number of years ago I signed up at www.tut.com to receive Notes From The Universe. It is run by a friend of mine named Mike Dooley. Some of the messages are very personal… some of them are just plain inspirational.

I can tell you that I always enjoy reading them. Mike has a unique way of teaching life lessons in small nuggets that I know you will really enjoy.

The other day I got a message that touched my heart in such a way that I decided I had to share this with you. Please take the time to go to www.tut.com and sign up. It does not cost anything and I am quite sure you will see the benefit of these messages very quickly.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

To your success,

Notes From The Universe

How will you use this in your life or business?
Share with me what your thoughts on this are. What are you willing to do, TODAY< to step up and stand in your greatness? 

To Your Abundance and Prosperity!


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Press Release comments:

Today's personal and inspirational note from the universe is - Congratulations Todd Treharne, multi Featured Member and valued associate, enjoy a fantastic, peaceful, healthy time; you, as much as anyone, deserve it.Tom Riach

It occurs tome Todd that writing about inspiration is itself inspiring to the writer! Those positive vibes then reflect on the reader .. and so it goes. I'll take a look at Tut, I like to see what others are doing. Hope you're well my friend, up there in your mountain hideaway.Tom Riach

First congratulations Todd on being the featured member today in the IBO community. Well deserved my friend and thank you for sharing Notes from the Universe with me and IBOers. I will be checking out your recommendation because I'm interested in inspiring and motivational messages. Have a great day in the honored spot and may God continue to bless you with peace, happiness and prosperity. Terri Pattio

I believe if they cannot use them Dennis- their life as a business owner shall be short lived!Todd Treharne

Almost every business owner I have met can use inspiration and motivation. Internet marketing is has been said is one of the most thankless ways to make a living there is. Personally I have not found this to be true. Dennis Thorgesen