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Stephen Teye Doku

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Stop Calculating!

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Quote of the Day:

“Don’t waste your time calculating your chances of success and failure. Just fix your aim and begin.” Guan Yin Tzu

Meaning of the Quote:

Do not calculate your chances of success or failure before you begin; instead, set your goals and begin the achievement process.

Discussion of the Quote:

Some people send their entire lives calculating their chances of success and failure and never begin the process of achieving. So instead of setting their goals and taking action to achieve them, they waste their time calculating their success and failure rather than using that time to achieve what they really want to accomplish in life.

Therefore, as the quote says, stop wasting your time calculating your failure and success but instead use your time to set your goals and begin the journey of achieving them.

Final Thoughts:

Why waste your time trying to figure out whether you will fail or succeed at something. Instead, take a leap of faith and decide what it is you want to accomplish and use your time to take the required action to bring about the achievement of the goals that you have set for yourself. You just might be astonished by what you may be able to accomplish. 

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