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Starting Your Own business Is Not for Everyone.


Quote of the Day:

“Starting your own business isn’t for everyone, but for the right people it’s much better than climbing the corporate ladder… Brian O’Reilly

Meaning of the Quote:

Absolutely, it is not everyone’s dream to start their own business. In fact, some people are willing and happy to work for someone else. However, for those who set their minds on starting and running their own businesses, it is much more rewarding and fulfilling for them than climbing the corporate ladder.

Discussion of the Quote:

Starting your own business is not for everyone. Some people are not up for the risks, challenges or hard work and long hours of running your own business. Therefore, they prefer to have a job and go to work for someone else. Some people do very well working for others while others can live comfortably doing so and yet some can barely get by. Some may climb the corporate ladder to a certain level and only a special little may make it all the way to the very top.

On the other hand, the brave hearted ones start and run their own businesses. Some are extremely successful, while others succeed moderately but some struggle and may have to eventually close up shop.

Final Thoughts:

Those who are determined to do well and succeed at running their own businesses. They do all within their powers to make their businesses succeed. For those who are able to start and run successful businesses, the sky’s the limit for them. 

More importantly, those who succeed, it is more rewarding, fulfilling and better than having a job and climbing the corporate ladder. As a business owner, you are the boss, you are in control, you own all the titles of your business all the way up to the CEO level. There is no ceiling for you to hit. You can go all the way up to the top because the bottom is too crowded. 

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