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The Success Combination.

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Quote of the Day:

“The success combination in business is: Do what you do better..and: Do more of what you do.” David Joseph Schwartz

Meaning of the Quote:

Master what you do in your business and  do a lot of it. Mastering our business actions and taking more action are the combination for success.

Discussion of the Quote:

It is important to get better at what  we do daily in our businesses so that we become more effective and efficient within our businesses. On the other hand, when we master our actions, we have to continue to take action but on a larger scale. 

Success is based on taking action but not just any action. This action must be specific, organized, consistent and deliberate. It is the accumulation of action that eventually results in success.

Final Thoughts:

Success is not based on any old set of actions. There must be something about these actions. They must be related to what  our businesses are about. Remember little effort gives little result but great effort gives great result. There is the need to do more which most of us do not want to do. However, if we desire success, the combination is mastery and massive action.

Many people desire success but they are not prepared to do what is required for success. Once you are willing to pay the price, success will be yours. You have to be willing to do the success combination which is to master what you do in your business, then do more of what you do daily, consistently without fail.

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