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The Law of Compensation!

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Quote of the Day:

“Everyone gravitates to where they belong in life, surely as water seeks and finds its own level." Andrew Carnegie

Meaning of the Quote:

Indeed, just as water always finds its right level so does everyone rises to their rightful level in life some at higher elevations than others while others at lower elevations than others.

Discussion of the Quote:

Yes, just as nature in the form of water finds it rightful level so does man find his real place in life. There are many variables that determine the level of water or the position of man. These variables all work together and put all things within nature both water and man at the level appropriate to water as well as to man. This is called the law of compensation.

Can you really love others when you can not love yourself? Also, can you give from a place of emptiness? Therefore, you have to fill yourself with love and then you can pass that love along to your family, friends and the rest of the world. So love thyself first then you can love all others.

Final Thoughts:

Absolutely, everyone will eventually rise to the level fit for themselves. Yes, there are tangibles and intangibles that help to determine the level of each person. Therefore, no matter what the situation is both water and man will naturally and rightly rise to their individual levels in life.

I appreciate your time and your comments.

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