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Stephen Teye Doku

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Take Your Shots!

Quote of the Day:

“You miss 100% of the shots you never take! Wayne Gretzky

Meaning of the Quote:

If you don’t take your shots, you can not make them.

Discussion of the Quote:

You have to take your shots so that you have the opportunity to make them. You may not hit them all but you stand a chance of hitting some of them if you take them based on the law of probability.

Yes, you may make some as well as you may not make some but take your shots anyway. You will miss all the shots you do not take. However, by taking your shots, you stand a better chance of making some of them. You will never make all of them but you will sure make a percentage of them whatever that percentage maybe.

” Napoleon HillMeaning of the Quote: Desire is a must for the start of all achievements. Weak desire will produce very little result and so will a small fire create very little heat. However, strong desire will give greater result and so will a larger fire produce a greater amount of heat.

Final Thoughts:

Take your shots and let the percentage of the shots you make be revealed to you. If you don’t take your shots, you can’t make any of them so take your chances and you just might be happy with your result.

I appreciate your time and your comments.

To our success!

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