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How to Get Ahead!

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Quote of the Day:

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Sally Berger

Meaning of the Quote:

You have to take action and get moving. It is the only way that you can get ahead in life.

Discussion of the Quote:

Taking action is the only way to move forward.! You can say that you will move ahead as many times as you want but  not until you actually move forward by taking action, will you really get ahead. Having the courage to get started is more valuable than succeeding, because those who consistently get started are the ones who usually finish things.

More importantly, you have to begin somewhere and the quicker you get started by means of taking action, then you can be  on your way. To get ahead in life, you not only have to  get started but you have to have a plan that charts the direction you want to go, then take consistent, focused action to get there.

Final Thoughts:

Indeed, the secret of getting ahead is to get started. The fact that you are able to progress according to your plan and with motivation to help you to continue along your path makes all the difference. When you are motivated to do something, magic happens along the way. With great motivation anything is possible.

When you get started and you are able to get ahead, the secret will be unfolded along the way. You will be fueled by your motivation, courage and determination. With these qualities in your back pocket, there is no telling how far ahead you can get.

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Press Release comments:

It is really hard to win a race when you are the last one out of the starting box. If you don't leave the box, there is no chance of winning.

You won't get anywhere until you move a foot forward. There is no road trip until you start a vehicle.
Dennis Thorgesen

Thanks for sharing this motivational message, Stephen.Patricia Reynolds