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Fake PayPal Emails or Fake Websites What to do Part:1

A Live Education.It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This.

Many times we will get an email stating that a particular account has been frozen because someone has gained access to an account we have.

In order to remedy this they ask you to click the link provided and re-enter all your details so that this can be fixed.  

Fixed my As# 

All they will do is once you have entered all your necessary account and password details they will they begin the process of taking what they can this would include any money you have along with other information you have in your account that they could either use now or later when they need.

As I mention in earlier. that many members here would already be aware of such scams but my main concern is for those who are not aware that this could occur to them and there are many who fall victim mostly because the emails many times can look official, and they may believe this is the real deal and click their links.  

This training is about PayPal and how to recognize some details that do not or would be used by PayPal.    

I have had a few of such emails from many places but over the last 4 months about 5 from these so called PayPal organizations each time I have reported this to PayPal for them to take action.  

Should you get any such email under no circumstances open any of their links and especially don't enter any details if you have opened a link. 

However, if you already have clicked a link or given details then further in the training I will let you know on what actions to take with PayPal.

Press Release comments:

Yeah, your correct, the best idea is to have a URL on Wordpad that you can click,or a favorite, to get to any financial institution. Francis Cassady