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Fake PayPal Emails or Fake Websites What to do Part:2

A Live Education.It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This.

Seeing errors in their email.

In most case some details may seem like errors but in fact are intentional in an attempt to not stand out to PayPal in this case.  

Such issues such as  

  • Spelling mistakes are a common theme and sometimes can really stand out to show that the email is a fake.  
  • The structure or format of their statement.   
  • Email address this is sent from  

In this example which I already sent to PayPal

Look at how or the way it is written which is not of professional standard one would expect from PayPal. 

The same would be from other large organizations such as Banks, Amazon etc.  

Dear User should be on its own line.  

Not followed on the same line of You Need to confirm your identity etc.  

Have you noticed in their opening statement they put everything all in the one paragraph rather than separating this at least into separate lines?  

In the same paragraph the word “Now” is on its own but followed on the next line with the words You Can’t.  

A proper format would show this on a separate line as  “Now you can’t etc.” now this may seem I am being a bit technical to this but this is how they operate and many don’t think of doing it the proper way for many reasons.  

Don’t just look out for obvious wordings but also take note of the format and how it is written.  

Many times the look of the email may seem professional and in most cases are a copy from an original site from PayPal then duplicated with some adjustments to suit their needs while still trying to keep that professional look.  

PayPal do not use fly by night email addresses they will use their own actual email address which is palpal.com followed by whatever country you are linked with.   

In my case being from Australia this would be paypal.com.au any wording in front of this would be from a department in PayPal as you can see below and another one I will give you further in this training relating to scams.  

Here is one example I received from PayPal after I purchased something the other day you will notice that the email address is service@paypal.com.au it will always be @paypal.com following by your country code.  

Also note the PayPal actual logo in the top right-hand corner. One that is not visible in the fake example sent to me further below.

Press Release comments:

I'm generally not to worried about format, but I can spot a fraud easily after reading and looking at thousands of emails. I can also tell hype from substance quickly. The key is the avoidance of sc_ams, if you get an email from an unknown source that's overly compelling be very wary...do not open. Francis Cassady